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New update - Proximity and Global Messaging fixes

Hey, just deployed a small update to fix two reported issues:

- Proximity targets now work correctly when delay > 0
- Messages now deliver to global ("keep on level restart") objects after changing levels


  • When will you improve/fix the emit behavior. It's still annoying me a lot :(
  • I never added Proximity to my games because It didn't have a lot of rang could you make it so they can have more rang.
  • Range?

    Anyway, I think the current one is good, but maybe a screen sized max would be nice
  • You know how far they can detect something...
  • The radius maximum is 256, meaning 512 is the diameter, so from any given point, it can go 256 in any direction, and detect anyone before it hits That number
  • 1024 would be a good cap, meaning the diameter would be 2048, or 64 tiles across.
  • I want to fix the boss in my game so he doesn't go to you you'll have to go to him.
  • edited December 2
    But with the current proximity You will be able to snipe the boss that would be dumb
  • You could always make your own proximity with a filtered x y coordinate expression
  • Yep, I did that
  • I just tried making it 1024 max radius, and that made it really tricky to tune it to a specific value since it's such a wide range. 512 was a little better, but still pretty fiddly.
  • @grazer sometimes the sliders are pretty annoying to use, have you considered adding plus and minus buttons or manually entering in a number, instead of relying on the slider and going back and forth between the numbers?
  • I kind of like the feel of the slider for the proximity, personally, but maybe a number input would be better.
  • @grazer How about you can click the number like a text bar, change the number. But while the bar is selected there’s a slider bubble on top
  • edited December 4
    @grazer It would be nice If you added a 2nd choice on alert. You could put are you sure you want to continue? And you would get the choice of yes or no. You could go farther then that and make 3rd or 4th choice but I would stop there.
  • edited December 5
    @grazer can we get a setting that makes the proximity not target itself, but target other objects of the same type?
  • @grazer? I don’t think It notified you
  • Yeah, that's probably pretty reasonable. I'll check it out and see what that would take.
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