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Animation jump/lag when character moves

Hello, I am (trying) to design a game for a class project that would be a world explorer like DragonQuest (old) or early Pokemon.


Primarily, I got my character to move around and a background to generate around, but the animation jump (lag?) is kind of bugging me. I tried delaying, slowing animation down. etc. Removing the continually option. So far it still does the awkward jumping animation. If anyone has any ideas to combat this, let me know. Unless, of course, I totally broke the FlowLab and I can't make a game like this. (sad face)

Any input would be appreciated.



  • edited December 2017
    use velocity instead of position. Its not lag its the fact that position will teleport you velocity makes your character move over time. this will make it look like you are walking around.
  • @Bestotted_Puppy Brilliant! I also figure I should have a stop value so the character doesn't float around! Thanks! Also, would you happen to know how to stop my character moving beyond the game screen?
  • Actually! I figured it out! Big thanks!
  • It would be cool if you made it so when you edit a door you will spawn outside that house you entered
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