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Website update - games page update and featured game



  • SB2 actually feels complete. Most flowlab games are never finished or don't feel finished. SB2 feels like a finished product. I can't really say the menu font fits the game, but the gameplay and graphics are definitely done well, and plays lag free on Newgrounds.
  • No one can get it.
    @grazer the embed version needs that flash permission thing, that’s why wix or anything wont work half the time.
  • @grazer The graveyard deserves getting featured too :tongue:
  • I just want fireball to get featured somehow
  • All good community members deserve it :smiley: We keep this forum alive lol
  • edited December 2017
    @grazer on a serious note, the embed site needs a flash button for permission
  • @CrimsonBlackGames - I'm not sure I follow you. The Embed page works the same way as the regular page, just with the header, footer, and decorations stripped away. What problem are you running into?
  • THe reason it won’t work on external sites is because it doesn’t have flash permission, but because it’s not actually there, it doesn’t ask for permission. If you have the “flash is required to play this game” it will work
  • Hey @CrimsonBlackGames - What I'm saying is that the Flash checker *is* included as part of the embed page. Maybe show me an example of what you mean - do you have a page where the embed is not working?
  • edited December 2017
    SB2 and SB3 do not work on newgrounds for people who haven’t been on flowlab before.
  • When I go to that page, I see this error in the Chrome console:

    Mixed Content: The page at '' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure resource ''. This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS.
    Maybe try using the newer embed code - this should be what is listed next to your games:

    Note the "https" and lack of "www" in the newer version.
  • edited December 2017
    That’s sb2, right?

    So far SB3 is going fine. I think.
  • Yeah, I only tested SB2.
  • Ok, it is. Lemme try to update the file
  • Chrome is picky about unsecured websites. I constantly get red blips for flowlab. I trust the site, but it doesn't. That's probably why newgrounds blocks http.
  • edited December 2017
    I think Turk Hunt is the only game I actually ever polished and finished. If you want to feature it, you can. A few of my friends even thought it was a rom hack, and didn't believe I made it from scratch.
  • Turk hunt is super polished, I agree - nice work on that one :)

    I can see why people could think it was a rom hack.
  • @grazer can you update the Windows Exporter?
    I keep on getting the "Null Object Reference" when I try to run SB3
  • It's updated (and iOS too) let me know if you continue to have issues.
  • Eventually I hope there can be an IOSX export
  • OSX (Now MacOS) should be simple enough to do. Does anyone else here use a Mac besides me? I think that Linux would be pretty easy, but I didn't think that there would be much demand for that - noone has ever asked for it before as far as I can remember. Anyone use Linux?
  • edited December 2017
    I don't use OSX anymore, I used to, but because Apple computers are so expensive, I now mostly use Windows. However, I do own a Raspberry Pi 3, and it runs Raspbian which is a build of Debian, and that is a Linux machine. I'm not really sure how it would run, so I'd be willing to test flowlab on Raspberry Pi, if you would like.
  • Actually, Raspberry Pi users are always looking for ways to make new games, because Raspberry Pi is mostly for emulators and Homebrew, since most people don't want to learn a code language, flowlab might receive a large amount of new users if flowlab were compatible with Raspberry Pi.
  • That’s what I was hoping, because I was going to build a mini arcade machine that runs SB3
  • Maybe grazer could have a flowlab app store for people to purchase your game license, and download it as any app rather than buy it several times for different systems. Another perk would be that you wouldn't have to follow the iOS or Android App Store rules, and your games would not receive stupid reviews by people that don't know what they're even doing, so they just rate your game bad, because they didn't bother to read the instructions. I used to make Android and iOS games, and there are a lot of people out there that don't even bother to play your game correctly, and then they rate it poorly, and it sucks because the ratings are permanent. Amazon, and a few other websites have their own app stores, since Android, PC and Linux allow you to download games from any source. iOS requires jailbreak, but most people are jailbroken anyway. Just a thought. Producer licences for the app stores are expensive.
  • @grazer Still getting that error.
    "Null object reference"
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