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Website update - games page update and featured game



  • Ok, I'll make an android build and debug it here - thanks for reporting.
  • Hey @CrimsonBlackGames - I found and fixed a problem in the mobile/windows export code. SB3 is rebuilding now, I'll test it when done, but I think that will fix it.
  • A page for previously featured games?
  • Hey @CrimsonBlackGames - I just tested the new windows build of SB3, and it seems ok.
  • Alright. Thanks.
  • edited December 2017
    If we ever get the chance to do LAN capabilities, I’m going to make a team/class-based- platformer multiplayer shooter, but everything is completely customizable.

    for all I know, everyone could create the most OP gun, and it be pandemonium.
  • edited December 2017
    The way it would work is every component that you have would add up to a “power score”

    When you die, the power score is roughly proportional to your respawn time.

    I think I got the general specs on how to do it- behavior wise. I’m not sure yet

    @grazer if you ever come up with a way to do it. I’ll test it for you with this idea
  • hey @grazer can you make it so when you run out of animation bars at the top of the screen like in my intro in sonic Undoing you make a scroller to ad more frames if this didn't make sense just open the animation and take a look at intro you will understand
  • Bad idea. In fact, I really need to limit the number of frames you can create. Your animation will eventually get so large that your animation will get truncated and be permanently ruined if you keep adding frames. If you need more frames than will fit on the screen, I recommend that you just create a second object, add an animation to that, and play them back to back.
  • When's the next featured game gonna pop up?

    I'm hoping fireball will become featured after the graveyard :)
  • Wait? There's only a 32 frame limit and you want even less? The dream is dead. I could barely make a very low 10fps 3 second animation, let alone a cutscene. I would need 20 animations for a 1 minute video, which I guess is doable, but not if I need 20 different objects. If I wanted 10 videos total in the game, I'd need 200 30 frame animations, and it would still be poor quality and hard to lip sync with sounds, since nothing really syncs with the timers. RIP that idea.
  • edited December 2017
    Exactly! It was going to be an animation in Sonic Undoing but I can't evan defeat frames now much less make it longer. I COULD just stack animations in behaviors, but that just be a pain.
  • edited December 2017
    There is currently no limit on the animation frames, and I probably won't add an explicit static limit on the number of frames, but here's the issue: The animations are packed into a Sprite Sheet (e.g.: )

    The total dimensions of the sprite sheet are not infinite, and at some point your browser will prevent it from getting larger, and the entire animation can be ruined. Small sprites (like a 32x32 pixel block) can fit many frames in a sheet, but a full screen sprite will hit an image size limit much more quickly.

    At some point we need to have some sort of limit to prevent developers from creating too large of a sprite sheet and losing work. I could also potentially chain spritesheets together, but there will always be a resource limit to deal with, since having many massive sprite sheets could seriously degrade performance.
  • To add to me previous comment - you guys are correct that there needs to be a way to manage long lists of frames. The current method of just running out of space in the interface is not ideal.
  • edited December 2017
    I just change the internal resolution on my computer- bigger screen: more space
  • Would it be harder to package the animations as gifs?
  • Switching to gif animations wouldn't really help with the issues I mentioned , since a gif animation is effectively just a spritesheet under the hood anyway.
  • Although I am not sure how it would work... maybe using cookies to save storage would work, or packing each animation frame into its own separate sprite in a folder
  • Sorry if I repeated an already existing idea.
  • Folders with separate sprites numbered 1-∞, but would it lag?
  • So when's the next featured game?
  • @grazer the copy of graveyard is also featured
  • Fixed, thanks
  • I have no idea of what game will ve featured next, but I can say this game will have to be elaborated.
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