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New update - Lots of stuff

edited January 2018 in Announcements
I just deployed a new update with lots of small tweaks and fixes, and a couple of new features:

New Stuff:
  • Messages have new setting: send to self
  • Editor now allows self-linking to ports that don't pass through (to e.g., make an easy one-time switch)
  • Add new Repeater behavior block, which allows you to run the same task multiple times in one frame
  • Added >= and <= as filter options</li>
  • Collisions now have a "repeat delay" setting to limit how quickly they can fire (this was long overdue)
  • Sprite transforms (e.g. flip/rotate) reset properly in the editor now
  • Attaching to flipped objects has been fixed
  • Attaching to non-physics objects has been fixed
  • Attaching large sprites now aligns correctly on center
  • Attachments now go into render layer set in attached object (went into attaching object's layer before)
  • Don't show "press escape to open editor" prompt when game is embedded
  • a few small performance optimizations
  • Extractor performance optimized
  • Extractor y velocity was incorrect
  • Extractor position now works on any object, not just movable
  • Display key properly on Save behavior block
  • Expression now resets properly in editor
  • Collisions now trigger properly when targeted to parent's type
Spawn Fixes
There were two main problems with the Spawn behavior:

A bug - which is that the spawn origin was at the top left instead of the center, which meant that extracting an object's position and then spawning a new object there would not align properly. To fix this, objects now spawn using a center origin.

A design flaw - which is that the "spawn" input was at the top. This means that since the links are evaluated from top to bottom, it was difficult to handle the most obvious task, which is is to set x, then set y, then spawn. To fix this, I rearranged the input.

In order to address these issues, I've done something unusual - I created a new Spawn behavior instead of fixing the old ones. This is because the input order has changed, and moving those around would mess up existing game logic. To get the new Spawn behavior, just add a new Spawn block and delete your old one.



  • edited January 2018
    Sweet! Thanks Grazer! :D

    Edit: I was literally trying to use the spawn feature a few hours ago and encountered that issue. Good timing!
  • This is a very much needed update. Glad to see you put out so many fixes and features in such a short amount of time. When I have the free time I'll likely be testing some of these out. A few of them were bothering me for the longest time. One thing I personally want to check out is what I can do with the proximity Behavior, because even if I have 8 blocks surrounding a block in the middle, proximity usually only detects the one directly to the left or directly below, and since it only outputs one number, the player will never be able to tell if it is surrounded by enemies, or if there is an enemy in front and behind it at the same time. If I can't find a workaround, maybe you could make a special proximity detector for searching priority in certain directions.
  • Oh nice an update with a suggestion of mine.

    With the spawn behavior I used to add a timer with 0 delay before the spawn input. Now that's not needed anymore :p
  • That's a truckload of good stuff :)
  • @Luminous No it's an update are you stupid
  • @Latif3 what else could I be referring to, are you stupid
  • I demand to know what is inside of this truck. What size truck are we talking about? Pickup truck? Semi truck? Monster truck? Dump truck? There is never anything good inside of a dump truck.
  • @Luminous I am just kidding, are you stupid?
  • Wow! Thanks, Grazer, that's great!
  • @Latif3 you aren’t kidding, you’re Latif3. What are you, stupid?
  • Let us end this stupidity
  • The update is nice but...
    with the extractor update i have to update a lot of things.... Everything that had extractor stopped working(the extractor behaviour lost the object type that was suppose to extract)... And I'm expecting to have to play and test all game...

    It seems I can't fix it.... If i select an object and press ok it selects another random object
  • So you're saying that when you select an object, and then you go to select the object number, you press okay, you come the check back and you see that the object has changed to another object. This is what I was explaining before about my issue with my Santa object when I was doing the Christmas xevious game. Grazer was not understanding that when you click on the object number, the object number is not actually the object number for the selected object. It was showing a different objects object number, and then switching the object to a different object, causing the extractor to extract from something you don't want it to. Are you having that problem too? @PixelPizza
  • edited January 2018
    Will custom loading screens for Indie and Studio accounts be released? I feel like that's needed so it's not a plain loading screen for everyone.
  • Yap... but only after this update @Mhx Aîr
  • @PixelStudios I have mentioned that, and @grazer has said it’s a thing that will be needed soon, but theres still many priorities.
  • Of course, it’s just one of those things that makes a true game engine.
  • @PixelPizza & @Mhx Aîr - I'll look into this issue and see if I can reproduce it, nothing should have changed in the extractor object selection.

    @PixelPizza - is this something that I can easily see for myself if I look at a specific object in your game?
  • @grazer Yes... In awakening
    Level 10 "Amara Fight"
    There is 2 important objects. "A hero" the unmovable player at the very center of the gargoyles. And "White heroe" outside the game page inside a box.

    "A hero" = Object that X and Y should be extracted
    "White heroe"= Object with the extractors behaviours

    White heroe Behaviours

    I try to select the "A hero" and when I press OK it changes to floor object
  • OK, I think I see the issue here. It looks like this is being caused by duplicated object names. In the Awakening example, there are 4 objects with the name "Object 8017", and in the Xevious example there are 2 objects with the name "Object 817", which is used by Santa.

    I'll try and figure out how object names are getting duplicated, but a quick fix is to give actual names to the objects that you want to extract properties from instead of leaving the default assigned object numbers. For example, name Santa "santa player" or something - same with the Heros in Awakening, try renaming them. The extractor selections should all update automatically, except in the cases where they are associated with the wrong object currently. Does that make sense?
  • @grazer The Spawn behavior is still extremely bugged, everytime I need to use it and I set the coordinate, it never goes to those coordinates. I always have to use some type of work around which is messy.
  • It works fine for me. Remember that the coordinates are based on pixels, not the grid. (32x grid position)
  • But you can set it in pixels or use the grid.
  • I will try it now. It may be that because actually not all extractors stopped .
    Ok I had to changue all the "a hero" names. Just extractors with the "a hero" as object stopped working.

    Another thing is if I open an extractor that it was extracting a "object X" that isn't in the level it looses the object... But if I return to the level where there is the "object X" and opens it... returns to normal...

    Just a visual bug.
    But the another one it's quick fixed. Thank you :)
  • edited January 2018
    @grazer how about a click delay? That would make it so you can't shoot 10 bullets a sec in my game. I could lower the enemy count lower.
  • You can use timers and switches for that @Bestotted_Puppy
  • @grazer can you fix or help me find a workaround for the message decloning thing?
  • @Bestotted_Puppy Just take a look at my game, The Graveyard. This is already possible.
  • (It's a featured game so you can find it in the first page)
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