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New update - Proximity and some other small stuff

edited March 3 in Announcements
As discussed, I updated the Proximity behavior. There are now additional options to select all objects within the proximity, or just the first one found.

As requested, I fixed the issue where the proximity triggers on itself. I didn't make it an option, since it didn't seem like reasonable behavior - I just removed it.

I also fixed an issue with attachments not re-attaching after removal

There was also an emitter update - when emitting an object with rotate to match emitter *disabled* and independent angles *enabled* the object is rotated to point in the direction it is emitted at. This seems like a more reasonable setting for this case, but let me know if it breaks anything and I'll try to address.

Let me know if you find any issues with this update.


  • Did you test if the new proximity can detect attached or emitted objects? Just curious, because I know that was an old bug in the past.
  • Well the emitter update break awakening again...
    Now player only shoots in one direction.
    But only player's emitter is broken, every other Entity didn't. I think I can fix it easily but the other games can be broken too.

    Proximity update: It's really better this way. I like it. Didn't break anything.

    Bug that Mhx was talking about: Yes, it detects
  • edited January 10
    Actually the proximity broke - some of them.

    Edit: Never mind sorry... it was a bug of my game.

    Edit2: The bug was the bug of the Objects with same name
  • @PixelPizza just making sure: Awakening is OK, right?
  • edited January 11
    @Grazer can you make a "new window" behavior it would make something happen in your game when you open a new window. It would sometimes make it so enemies would damage the player in my game so i would make it pause the game.
  • @grazer yes... now it is... I already updated and fixed everything
  • edited January 14
    I put the ship outside of my game gave it super speed and I had a coordinate tracker on I managed to go 103k of my game!! Also When you use showguide FONT when you type % it just comes out as a box for some reason can you add a % look for showguide @grazer

    emitter still works weird on 2x2 sprites :(
  • SB3 is acting weird
  • wut? I'll look into this tonight
  • Hey @CrimsonBlackGames - this is fixed. It was a result of the extractor optimization updates
  • @Latif3 this update should fix your emitter offset issue as well.
  • Thanks :D
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