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I really like the 8-bit music, but it needs some more for a larger option choice.


  • The songs are mostly intended to be used temporarily for demo use. You can always create and upload your own songs, or if you have permission from other music creators, you can use their songs too, from a URL MP3.
  • Thanks for telling me.
  • A user on here, Eric, has his own website with thousands of songs. As long as you credit him in the game and description, you can use his songs for free.
  • Do you have to credit them in the game, or can you credit them in the description of your game?
  • As long as he’s credited somehow, I think it’s fine
  • edited January 2018
    In the game credits or menu, depending on how many songs you use, each song credited, or something like "All music by Eric @". He has it specified somewhere on the info page on the site.
  • How do you take music from to your game?
  • Never mind, I figured it out.
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