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Taco Toucher

I based it of some other clicking games, I just want some more feed back before I move onto something else.


  • Made a survey for any suggestions or bugs about the game
    Also added a lot of more items to buy from the shop
  • Hey @Obiw1 - nice job, this is pretty polished :)

    This is probably the best taco clicking game I've ever played.
  • It looks great, just make it so it saves the items you've bought and it's better. The game feels pretty unfinished. Also, the shop items should say how many tacos I get in x seconds. Instead of using labels every time you can also make the sprite in paint or something else you like so you can write text in it with a text tool. That would be much easier in my opinion, but it's your choice and you've already done the labels.

    Good job :)
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