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Google play leaderboard wanted

Because most of us cannot do Apple, I would like to get google play leaderboard services alongside Game Center- as I want to promote SB3, and host a event, where the winner gets to add a custom ship into the game (as long as it’s reasonable)

However, instead of adding a new block, why not rename game center to “leaderboard” and add new compatabilities when needed.

Some things for the future-

Steam compatibility
Amazon comparability
Blackberry (although it hasn’t been used in a while)


  • Whoops, leaderboard is already the name...

    Welp, anyway, google compatibility?
    My web Site, "the console" =

  • My web Site, "the console" =

  • I don't think this is a "top priority" thing to do... But It's not a bad idea because a lot of people do phone-games-style sooo...
  • Yeah, adding the Google Play stuff to the leaderboard block isn't a bad idea. I never added it since noone had ever asked for it. It will probably take a little while to get to, but it should be totally doable.

  • Sweet
    My web Site, "the console" =

  • @grazer also, why does the app need full network access and also need to view network connections...

    Also, after the app launches the game freezes for some time before the music starts...
    My web Site, "the console" =

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