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Sticking to blocks and Jump trouble

If my player is next to a wall/block i can only jump once then i can't jump again unless i move to left or right first. It's an inconsistent problem, sometimes i can jump over and over in a row but others times it's once only.

The other problem is my player being able to stand on the side of a block, how do i make it so that the player has to get to the top of the block in order to land? If not it should fall back down.


  • I can't reproduce the "only jump once" behavior in your game - is there something special I have to do to get it to misbehave?

    I'm not sure I completely understand the second question - are you talking about wall friction and sliding?
  • edited February 2018
    The second question is that if you land on the side of a platform block while holding over you can just stay there.
  • @rmattison - that is from the friction setting on the blocks & player object. There is a "Capsule" collision shape that has no friction on the sides.
  • @grazer in my game (not really a game, just a playground to test out to learn the logic) I have a similar problem where when i hold left/right on a wall the player stops moving and just holds the wall. the capsule shape didn't work for me because the player keeps dipping in the lines of the blocks
  • @bspurr - making your player object a capsule didn't help?
  • if it didn't work to set the object as a capsule you can check out how I fixed it in my game!

    game :
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    i cant delete this now so oops
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