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Editor Bug: Making Objects

edited February 21 in Bugs
It seems whenever I Place something as of 2/10/18, when I Place something else, or switch levels, ALL items I Place disappear. The editor thinks I never placed this item. As I am attempting a graphical overhaul for my latest project, adding more graphically pleasing objects is literally IMPOSSIBLE. I would appreciate some advice, or a patch that may solve this bug. I may just be doing something wrong, though. ¯\_ಠ ³ಠ_/¯
With missing water sprites and rain sprites, The layout looks... just, incomplete.


  • Is it possible you are not logged in? If not, the editor should be flashing yellow in the lower right corner, and playing a beep every time it fails to save.

    Otherwise, any changes you make should be saving automatically.

    Post a link to the game, along with the name of a missing object, and what level it should be in, and I'll take a look.
  • edited February 21
    Item Name: Water, Rain
    Level: Overworld 1, Overworld 2
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