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Help For New Game

edited February 2018 in How To
So I'm making a new game and i help with all the glitches. Yeah thats pretty much it

Link :


  • Someone got straight to the point.

    Gg. I’ll take a look later
  • I think the game's concept is pretty good and i can see the games aesthetic (Animations, pixel art etc.) has had a lot of hard work put into it. To reduce the thing where the character sinks into the blocks before jumping again only set the player object as a capsule, not the rest of the level. Other than that, i think its pretty good so far!
  • Hey @ShadowSword9 - I would open the "A" and "D" key triggers and enable the repeat setting. Also, I would set the Player object's display order to 2 so it shows on top of the ground blocks.
  • edited February 2018
    But what is Player Display Order?
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