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this game is awesome and in my opinion more kid friendly than PGR. i like it but dose the community? This is also the third game so yeah here it is. PS. Im still updating PGR and stuff PSS. i wont have many updates for this game
First (Not the new one):
Second (Not new one): also it says RJS because Jo (My friend) use to help me with my old games he dosnt anymore (Worldwide is just a good name) but with that game Jo and Sam (also my friend) helped with it. Its a bit confusing. But yeah Ryan Jo Sam cuz Ryan is my name.
Third game (NEW!) :
Thanks hope you enjoy playing them.
PSSS. Its late at night so im not very energetic if you know what i mean.


  • IVE HEARED THISSS SONNG TOOO MANNNYYY TIMMMEESSSSSSS TURN IT OFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • cool game! jumping was a bit strange tho, and you might consider making your own sprites to give the game some more personality.
  • @Magnus Aalde Thanks for the feedback I %100 agree
  • Fun! The consecutive jumps after the first one seem to toss you around a bit though. Despite this very neat.
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