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Request for feedback on potential new feature: "Teams"



  • I'm talking about damage and HP.
    We would have to add some mailboxes with the value to all objects or adding an collision>damage
  • It's a good idea, but...

    How can you be sure that someone on your team won't try to screw you up or hack you or ruin it?
  • That’s a risk- but it would be your own fault
  • edited April 2018
    It's a good idea, but...

    How can you be sure that someone on your team won't try to screw you up or hack you or ruin it?
    There is a clone game feature, you can always give someone access to that version and just periodically merge their additions without having to risk your master version. Probably most useful if they don't jump around on their contributions and develop a single thing at a time so it's easier to bring over their work.
  • It would be pretty stupid if you give access to your game to someone you don't trust enough.
  • i think its good because expert flowlab programmers could help you example i want to create a shop i could ask @Latif3 because he made a shop in the graveyard he can help me
    come think of it thats just using someone like just assistance not teamwork
  • I like the idea. The basics you listed are straight forward. May you could add the ability for the lead to have the ability to select roles for members. For instance someone can be an artist/level designer. Maybe another person is a behavior bundles go-to person. Based on the current tool access design, I'm not clear how you could limit tool access. Currently, the "Library" option doesn't provide a quick way to select an item for placement in a level as I think it might be intended. If an item could simply be selected for dropping into a level, without access to all the other settings, then this would segregate object use from object editing. This is just one example of a problem a possible solution. Or, you just let team members all have full access and be done with it. The lead just delegates and learns how to reign members into given tasks during agreed upon times... the KISS method : )
  • how we are doing it on free edition is were all on the same acount and reload when we want to ee other peoples edits
  • Just saying...

    You never know...
  • This could be incredible!! But I wonder how the engineering would create it. Keep up the hard work!
    Meanwhile I'm trying to make a collaborated game and we are sharing their account to make it and editing on our free time. That would fix everything!
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