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A game with no name

edited March 2018 in Play My Game
As I said earlier I stopped creating games with flowlab because I wanted to focus more on real game programming. I've been using godot engine. When I found it I thought huh, I've never heard from this engine, but I really got impressed when I checked it out. It's like Unity3D but free, so I can finally have a custom splash screen. Unity is still a better engine for 3D games, godot focuses more in 2D games.

Blah blah blah, I just want to say that I realized there's no reason to stop making flowlab games. I'm learning pretty fast because of my programming experience, I just need to know how everything works in the engine. So I have enough time for flowlab.

I just made a concept with flowlab and I will try making it in godot:
It's inspired from this game by SnakeInMyHoot. His game is amazing and I just wanted to remake it :)
Player 1: left and right to move, up to jump, and down to attack.
Player 2: A and D to move, W to jump, and S to attack.
P to return to player selection.

Get a friend/brother/sister/parent/schoolmate/wanderer or another person with you and go play together. Play with yourself if you're lonely forever.

My main goal is making The Graveyard, or making that 1v1 game online.. :D


  • NOTE: If you're taking a look at the behaviors. The sword logic was made before the RayCast update. So if you ever want to make a sword, just use the RayCast behavior and don't use my logic with checking x and y positions. :tongue:

    Or I could just update it.. Well bye imma sleep, good night lovely people.
  • Really cool @Latif3, it plays really nicely.

    I think the Godot engine looks really promising as well, I've been meaning to check it out but haven't made the time.
  • I wish it was like a 3D flowlab. Nothing comes close to the usability of this
  • @grazer I've also seen something really weird. When player 1 or 2 go to the very left side of the level they become invisible. If I make the objects 1x1 it's fixed (they're 3x3 now because of the sword animation). I sometimes see this too in The Graveyard in the left side with lightning, skeleton barrels and bombs (notice that all these object are bigger than 1x1).
  • edited March 2018
    @CrimsonBlackGames I'm not sure if that exists (with 3D games). If you ever want to code a game with a programming language you should make 2D games first, because 3D games are way too complex. I gave up making a 3D game with Unity a while ago because it was too hard (even though it supports c#, the language I advance the most). It's not really fun when you don't know what to do after finishing some tutorials. The thing I hated the most is making models, or finding them on the internet. I'm lazy.. :(

    Making 2D games is much easier, and more fun than making a 3D game in my opinion. You also learn much faster. A good 3D game requires a lot of time.
  • Making models? Use
    It’s fun as hell to use, and allows 3D printing. Also it’s free
  • I was going to try to make a birds eye view 3D game to hard
  • There’s this little trick I came up with that makes objects in the game world act like they are background objects with their own parallax
  • Ah yeah tinkercad. I remember using that for school. The teacher once printed one of my models with his 3D printer. It was a wedding ring, and he told me: "This is for your future wife."

    Btw @grazer, can you scroll up please.
  • I did one too, except it had a little box for it. I never printed it though, for some reason I’m obsessed with printing wrenches
  • edited March 2018

    It’s my newest model- the dual wrench. Featuring an isometric thread that snaps into place, and a crescent wrench head, along with a pipe wrench head.

    I also have the combat wrench which is basically a Swiss Army knife but a wrench.
  • Looks nice lol
  • edited March 2018
    Hey @Latif3 - thanks for pointing that out, I'll take a look. I bet I know what the issue is already - this sounds like a bug in the spacial partitioning.
  • edited April 2018
    I updated the game several times. New stuff arrived:

    * Crates
    These can be moved by the players, or destroyed by hitting them.
    * Trampolines
    Added 2 trampolines in the map
    * New class: Destroyer
    Deals high damage but doesn't shoot really fast.
    * New class: Flamethrower
    Rapidly deals low damage and can shoot though crates.
    * Bridges
    Disappear when standing on them. They come back after a short time.

    Small balance changes:
    * Buffed wizard, shoots every 0.4s (from 0.5s). Now it can kill an archer when shooting at each other.
    * Nerfed guard, now kills a player in 5 hits, another guard 7 (used to be 3 and 5). It was way too strong.

    I wish this game could be online lol
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