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Optional setting to enable/disable background block behaviors and logic, per block type or all types

I've had problems where I need to detect what sort of background block a character is 'standing' on within the context of a top-down rpg with gravity disabled. The only solution currently is to make your backgrounds not with background objects, but game world objects to proximity sensor, yet this has its own set of problems. You cannot add game world objects or clone more objects onto the map if another game world object (the makeshift background using game world objects, a substitute for background objects when you need behavior and logic) is occupying that grid position. it makes map creation tedious, you need an empty spot on screen to initially place objects and then manually drag those into position.

All this could be improved with some sort of setting to enable/disable background block behavior and logic either per individual background block types, or for all background block types. But an easier solution is to probably just make a per block type toggle setting so you can add in objects onto the map despite another object occupying that grid location, this leaves background blocks untouched.


  • There exists game layers for that .... 100 layers To use or more.

    When editing an object in properties (i Guess)
  • edited April 2018
    There exists game layers for that .... 100 layers To use or more.

    When editing an object in properties (i Guess)
    Correct me if I'm wrong but the layers only affect rendering order as the game runs, nothing really inside the editor, and trying to place an object onto the map by hand is still impossible when that grid has an object already there regardless of its layer number, you can only place objects from the editor onto empty space and then drag those into preoccupied positions.

    If you could have Negative layers values that would negate this problem I'd be okay with it as a solution, it would be interesting as well if you could drop a single objects layer to -1 rather than raise everything else +1.
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