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Running an idea by: Starblast Battle Royale!

edited April 2018 in General
So everyone here has played SB3 atleast once, either that or SB2. Idk

What if I took the same concept, but shifted into a different direction and made it a battle royale between 4 people over a fairly large map with constantly moving asteroids. Enemies and stuff would still spawn, but your real enemies are the other players.

@grazer Raspberry Pi compatibly would be nice for this, along with a way to use something other than a keyboard to input with, like gamepad support with up to 4 pads at a time (for multiplayer)


  • BDFE9B41-C038-47A3-B483-02532A1F3CF0

    My ability to do special effects gets better and better I swear
  • Yeah let's copy fortnite. There are weapons and ammo, an asteroid storm and you can build walls, ramps and whatever you want to protect yourself.

    Cool idea 11/10 can't wait
  • edited April 2018
    No not at all- also fortnite copied PUBG.

    And battle royales existed for a long time now, even before both, Fortnite just popularized it. Heck, even pac man had one for mobile back in 2011 (and still does, but now it’s only in the arcades.) Four people would go through a maze that resembles Championship Edition, and try to get PowerPellets, which then turns all the ghosts (and other players) blue, and I guess you can figure out the rest. PUBG just took the whole BR concept in their own direction. Drop onto a map, scavenge, go from there- no one saw that concept, soon after Epic Games apparently saw what their own engine was capable of (both made with unreal 4) and wanted to see if they could 1UP it or something- but also introduced the ability to build cover.

    Anyway in my BR the players would just run away from enemies until they got a power-up that enabled shooting.

    Also I’ve noticed you’re being a lot more “aggressive” recently. What’s up with that?
  • would it be split screen or real online?
  • Okay yes true, Fortnite copied PUBG.

    I don't know what Raspberry is or how you are going to make the game. It should be online though, and maybe more than 4 players. Anyway, good luck lol.
  • edited April 2018
    Top down, all ships show on the screen

    A raspberry pi is a microcomputer, a fairly powerful one at that. Good for emulation- but it’s linux based so it can’t run flowlab apps right now- yet

    It’s a flowlab game, so actual online play would be impossible
  • @CrimsonBlackGames check the main discord server i sent you some messages in there
  • edited April 2018
    I’m not on discord anymore- not allowed to be on it. I may get it back later but don’t count on it.
  • My next big step for this project is transferring assets from ‘2 and ‘3 to this- behaviors included
  • Then I will copy and send To here
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