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Buglist - April/May 2018

edited April 20 in Bugs
To help organize a checklist, I will be making a list of confirmed and unconfirmed bugs. Please feel free to test these yourself, and contribute your own bugs to the list.

Thank you.

A strike means that grazer has also confirmed the bug, and has been fixed.
(These bugs have been tested several times by at least a few members, or by myself, and do exist.)

• Destroyer was replaced with Impulse on GUI layer Components section [x]
• Emitter emits objects 1 grid space to the left, instead of on top, even with 0 force [x]
• Raycast cannot see past non-solid objects, cannot detect non-solid objects, and needs an optional passive checkmark to see past solid objects [x]

(These bugs are not confirmed nor unconfirmed, but have been tested by several people in the community, and likely do exist.)

(These bugs have not yet been tested by either grazer nor I.)

(These bugs have been shown to not exist for others, or could not be recreated, and may be a result of the game itself having bad wiring.)


If you have any bugs, comment them below. I will add them to the list.

Here's a build of a simple Bug Tester engine. You can clone it and use it yourself.
Directional Keys
(Use to check if your buttons are being pressed right, if something they do is not working.)
Up = 1 ; Right = 2 ; Left = 4 ; Down = 8
(Shows a collision marker for 1 second. Use to determine if you are actually touching an object.)
Bottom = 1 ; Right = 100 ; Left = 10 ; Up = 1000
X/Y Velocity
(Use to check your movement, jump, or fall speed.)
-Left +Right ; -Up +Down

Use Spacebar to toggle various testing modes

Bug Tester


  • edited April 20
    Added [x] hyperlink citations for source of bug or image descriptions in this buglist.
    I figured it will save @grazer some time and list space, instead of loading the images here.
  • I'm having a problem where if a entity is bigger than a single tile it deletes every tile except the top left tile when i refresh the page
  • Make sure you play the game before you refresh, as this triggers a save. If you enlarge the tile and then refreshing before hitting ok or something, it won’t save and therefor won’t keep the enlargement.

    Instead of refreshing, just load the level you’re already in.
  • I deleted a object so I could have space for a different object but it still says sorry you used up all your objects
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