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Pushed object despawn camera bug

edited April 2018 in Bugs

Interesting bug I came across. I'll explain it as easily as I can.

I was testing Shifter after working on new sprites, placed a Mhx stand next to the stone, and pushed it to the side with the camera. Once the camera moved away from the Mhx original position next to the stone, the Mhx disappeared even though it was very clearly still on the screen if you move a bit back and forth. I tried it again, by pushing the Mhx with the camera to the other side, same thing. If I move the camera away from the original standing spot by the stone, the Mhx disappears. It's like the game thinks it is still standing by the stone, when it has been pushed with the camera and believes it is off screen.



  • Is it still possible to make this happen in the game? I poked around, but couldn't find it.
  • Oh, yeah, I edited the level 'cause I figured you would never see this, or you already saw it and just didn't acknowledge it. I will revert the level back to how it was, and see if it still does it.
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