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Proximity detection angle settings

edited May 2018 in Feature Requests
Currently what proximity detects are target objects 360 degrees around it, it would be interesting if you could have settings to change this angle to something like 90 or 180 degrees, and the direction it detects can be decided with an input similar how the rotation module works. With this you could easily make things like flashlights, field of view detectors, stealth games requiring you to remain out of sight, etc


  • You could have 7 raycasts each with equations for angle, based on rotation,

    Like rotation -45 -30 -15 0 +15 +30 +45 if you want to cover a whole 90° corner of rotation.
  • edited May 2018
    If you are using 7 raycasts, applying changes to their casting angles based on the player's orientation would require 7 times as much effort as a single angle-based proximity detection. Raycast also does not penetrate/ignore other objects like proximity does, cannot detect behind other objects. And between each of those 7 raycasts smaller objects could be hidden as the distance grows greater, because they are lines, so to detect at further and further distances you would require more and more raycasts at smaller intervals, but there is a limit of 360 raycasts and 1 degree intervals.

    If raycast had settings for casting a cone-shaped dectection area instead of a single line, and it could penetrate/ignore other objects, raycast would be even better because proximity has no on input like raycast does giving you more control. This or my first suggestion would be cool.
  • Raycast width would be nice, since I've used raycast for jumping, and if I step over a ledge, or between a gap, I can no longer jump.
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