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Feature request- mousefield

Okay- so this is something that would benefit my games and maybe @muddyapples

how it works

This specific behavior is a GUI behavior only, and is not available to game world objects.

What this effectively is, gives you a shape that is dragged onto the screen, and is only seen in the editor. You can drag the corners to expand/shrink it. When the mouse, or a finger (multiple boxes are able to be on the screen, but can’t overlap) it behaves like a mousemove. HOWEVER, unlike mousemove, when there are two fingers on the screen, it can detect if one is in the box- and gives off the coordinates accordingly- if 2 or more are in the box- it only gives off the one that came first, until it leaves. If there are multiple boxes and multiple fingers tapping, same thing goes, but each box sends off where the finger is, but only if said finger is within the set boundaries. Otherwise, it behaves identical to a mousemove- X/Y coordinates and all.

This would enable multitouch joysticks, benefitting SB3, it would pretty much benefit any game using mousemove.


  • @grazer the main reason I want this is because I want to have the abilities of mousemove, but I want to be able to make multi touch games- like 2 player pong that doesn’t have buttons.
  • this is good
  • I wouldn't use for now but yeah it could be nice
  • Seems plausible
    It does bother me a bit that I can't use multiple scrolling fingers without making a big grid for multi-touch. The grid just acts as a ton of buttons, that detect being mouse over or clicked, which can be divided in half, left side of the grid red right side of the grid blue if you wanted to do some sort of multiplayer game.
  • edited May 2018
    It’s needed for me, as SB3ME is very limited on movement
  • @Mhx Aîr just made me think of something. Remember how you wanted to do that lock on thing? What if you could use this to make manual grappling? Like the field is in the center of the screen, around your character?
  • I did make the lock on thing, that's how I make my menus now, and homing attacks. As for point and click, is that not already possible? Isn't it the same as just having coordinates from Mouse move set number, and click in number?
  • Mousemove can’t take multiple mice
  • I know but what does point click grappling need 2 fingers for?
  • edited May 2018
    One to aim, and the other to fire. Point/click may end with the player being a little off more than they want

    If it’s a mouse and not touch- you won’t need to use use this.

    The other thing, it’s not just for multi-touch. Your also working with a limited space, so that you don’t accidentally set it off on a different portion of the screen.
  • Just a reminder that he's been not home for a while, and won't be back til sometime probably tonight.
  • Hey, I was on Vacation when this was initially posted, so I don't think I saw it.

    I wonder if it would be simpler to have something like proximity, where there is just a circle that restricts the distance from the object that MouseMove is restricted to.
  • That would be possible, except I’m aiming for the ability to detect multiple mice
  • To enable dual joysticks... and the ability to enable two people playing on a single tablet. That way I can make a competitive local-multiplayer game on android..
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