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Proximity Message

What if message had a proximity feature to it, so that only object A could receive a message from object B if it was close to it.


  • use a switch for that. Turn off when isnt near, on when it detects
  • Just connect the proximity to a NOR and then to a switch like he said. NOR goes to off, proximity goes to on, whatever the trigger is goes to the in, and then switch goes to the message. If you aren't nearby, the NOR turns it off, and the message won't send.
  • I meant object A sends a message to object(s) B only if they're close enough. It's not sending it to every object B, just the ones close enough to object A. It would also work with multiple object As.
  • Why doesn’t object B detect obj A instead?
  • I feel really embarrassed right now, I don't know why I didn't think around this, thanks
  • Don't worry lol. We're here to help. Not to laugh at people.

    I only sigh at questions like "how to restart a level", this is something I figured out myself easily.
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