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How can I make a sprite bigger in Flowlab free edition

I've tried to make objects larger in the free edition, but I can only make them smaller


  • If anyone can help me, I would like to thank you
  • edited May 13
    You can't make sprites bigger, only smaller, if you want a bigger sprite, I'd recommend making a big sprite, but set it's size smaller
  • @SnakeInMyHoot A sprite is the object's graphic. An object is just the object with its sprite, collider and behaviors. This is something nobody understands.

    @haltfire302 You can make objects bigger in the sprite editor with the size button on the bottom-right (where all edit tools are). Also, there's almost no difference between the free and paid version. In the paid version you can export your project (iOS, android, pc), and you have no limits for objects, levels and games.
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