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AFFRAYER - Unleash The Storm Inside You



  • I like of that thing to fast-switch the weapon/ability. Maybe holding Q would open the wheel.

    I was thinking something like this



  • Totally off-topic but I ain't going to create a new discussion for this. BUT...

    Which you guys prefer ahahaha
  • Also tried to upload vectors from Illustrator to flowlab... @Mhx Aîr I think you mentioned this subject recently

    How it looks in Adobe Illustrator:

    How it looks in Flowlab Editor:
    in editor
    How it looks IN-GAME:

    The Anti Aliasing saves the image in the game so it's not that bad I guess... Oh and the bigger the sprite is, the more "sharp" it seems
  • >which do you prefer
    As in what, the painted or the pixel version? I'm always biased on pixel art, but I'd have to see the background and Landscape to really have a better feel for it. I never considered what an anthropomorphic red-eyed tree frog would even look like.

    As for vectors, yeah, they lose a ton of quality when you scale them down to flowlab's limited pixel resolution, and even with the blur filter, it's still not nearly as sharp. It doesn't bother me too much, because I know 99% of people on here are going to be using pixel art anyway, but as someone that grew up with Atari vectors, you just cannot get that level of sharpness with pixels.
  • Hold my beer (jk)

    I’m wanting to learn blender so I can actually make some more realistic looking video games.
  • @CrimsonBlackGames
    I've tried a few 3D programs, and at the end of the day, I just can't stand coding. However, the idea of 3D is always appealing. It's just a nightmare to make animations in 3D, which is why so many companies just buy motion capture suits.
  • Uh. Since you brought the blender to the subject
    perfect sword

    I did this broken sword yesterday, because yes.

    Also, I want to show the animated frog. I still think he is very cute and it's so clean.

    I was just trying to create a new style for a quick arcade game idea I had. Pixel art always looks better to me and it's frustrating.
  • My only comment is that the frog has bigger pixels than the crown, and the crown has better shading than the frog.
  • the point was to make the crown go around his head, and it was supposed to look that she moved further

    And yap, indeed.
  • Alright now related to Awakening:
    what's the deal with me and frogs
  • Oh, very nice concept art. Is this a boss, a king, it'll be interesting to see the full detailed art.
  • I had an idea about how to do the perfect arms rotation, oh yeah! So the problem was the anchor point of the rotation. And we can avoid this issue by creating a fake sprite that creates the anchor point we want.

    I did this in this example, quite a while, to help somebody:
    To spare space in this comment:



    Blue: anchor point
    Red: Actual sprite
    Green: Fake sprite


    I use an animation to delete the fake sprite but it will still rotate in the centre of the fake sprite.

    So I used the same method to the awakening Bow:
    And I forgot I could do the same to the arms aha. It would be something like this:
  • It worked btw :)
    I will post a beautiful update later with a landscape.
  • edited July 2018
    Parallax Effect & Arms Rotation:
    Hello! So lately I have been troubleshooting. That's why it's taking so long to progress in everything else. But I have still managed to make some cool things.

    Player Movement
    I want the movement, which is a really important mechanic in the game, to be bug-free and really dynamic. So I have been working on it a lot.

    Some examples of how I am doing this:
    - The player have different animations for the walk and run.
    - If the player is looking toward something and starts running in the opposite direction it plays a different animation from the one if he was looking toward the direction he is running.
    - Same thing above with Jump. You jump forward it plays an animation, when you jump upwards it plays another animation.

    Arms & Arrow - Sprites + Particles
    I added some particles to the magical arrow and made the arms.

    Parallax & Arrow Shooting & Dynamic Camera
  • edited July 2018
    It looks very nice, and I was going to have a lot of similar mechanics. I was also going to consider removing flip, so you can walk, run, and jump backwards while shooting forwards, and also remove that swap effect for which hand shoots. In my case, right handedness, in your case, switching bow hands. It looks fantastic. Hopefully grazer fixes flip with rotation though, in case I don't actually do seperate animations.

    I also like the multiparallax. Are you just using left and right to opposite x for the tree and rocks? I tried that, and it doesn't work right when you load from the other side of the screen. I was trying to come up with an equation or gimmick so certain objects always show up at the same spot but still pass by.
  • @Mhx Aîr
    I am making the parallax effect by a code that CBG helped me to come up with the idea.
    The code that CBG came up with was:
    Player position / 2
    To make 50% parallax

    But mine is a bit different:
    Basically, the objects extract the camera position (which follows the player) and move in the opposite direction of it. It still doesn't feel perfect.

    And I do not know if it makes sense if the background starts moving at the very moment the player starts walking.

    Anyway, this is the code that I use in the big stones object.
    The first expression multiplies the camera coordinates so I can have fake decimal numbers, and then it divides by the (negative) amount of parallax I want.
    The second expression basicly just puts the object a little bit to right.

    And it works independently of the camera and player position.
    Here is a fast example:
  • Shouldn't the background pass by slower than the foreground, not faster? It should be

    Front (tree) fast
    Game area normal
    Background 1 slow
    Bkg 2 slower
    Background sky slowest
  • parallaxEffect

    Which tree should be faster?
    The fallen log should be in the game area. Together with the broken Log. (I just haven't made collisions for them yet.)

    1- The fastest thing that should be in there is the black leaves.
    2- Then the game area
    3- The background with big stones and tall trees
    4- And at last the mountains and clouds (Which I haven't remade them. Those are from the Old Awakening)

    Well, now I know it needs more layers. But the detailed and painted version, with shadows and all, should do the workaround to know what is the foreground and what is the background.
  • Yeah, that's right, but you were just barely moving and those big rocks were speeding past you. Wasn't sure if you noted that.
  • True. I have to find a way to fix it.
    Maybe some objects could extract the player position instead of the camera. And I should make the parallax weaker.
  • That looks so cool :D
  • Is this still being worked on?
  • Yes almost every single day. @RyanRiot why?
  • Oh I thought the game said “(Closed)”
  • @PixelPizza well i mean its a good game and nothing had been said about it for a month
  • It's closed to be played because it's being remade @PixelStudios

    @RyanRiot I will post something really nice soon :D
  • The FUTURE is now folks!

    HP BAR 1
    no background1
    no background2
    no background3
    no background4

    Asset 3@2x
    (Background in the last image doesn't belong to me)

    Everything is still a WIP. The images (pixels) were resized there can be pixels off-place.
  • Been looking at the logs, old versions and I'm very impressed to find a game like this on flowlab.
  • @Mariane Rivera Thanks!! It means a lot :)
  • So....Hi.
    I'm here to show you guys a quick update.
    I didn't stop working on the game (obviously) but I'm working mostly on the outside instead of things in-game. I will add them later.

    Remember the Ability wheel I was talking? I did a prototype and I think it looks pretty cool, check it out!

    I even tried to make the world slow-down when the wheel is open. It worked BUT it doesn't look so smooth as it should when you have too many things moving on the screen (particles, arrows, trees, creatures, etc.) and causes the wheel animation to delay its reaction to the player's mouse (which is pretty bad in a game about speed)
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