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AFFRAYER - Unleash The Storm Inside You



  • oooohh neat
  • hey pixel pizza, i'm working on a horror game and you look like the perfect person to help. we can put your company logo and stuff at the beginning with ours (it is BGL). so make sure to email me at [email protected] if you want to do. I will give you more info about it if you want to do it. this message also goes to anyone else who might wanna help, thank you.
  • Hey @Holdendaboss
    I would love to help but I really don't have time to work on something else right now. I'm pretty busy and work overloaded already.
    Anyway if you have any doubt about the flowlab engine just post it on the forums, I or someone else will answer your questions.

    Thank you and good luck
  • I really love how your game looks, and how your pushing Flowlab to it's limits! It's inspired me to work on a project of my own. I can't wait to play the game when it's finished.

  • @Lyrix Thank you! Glad to hear that! Can't wait to finish a demo and make it playable again :)
  • I want to see this done @PixelPizza ! I haven't been able to play it since I started using Flowlab, and just looking at some of the pictures you have of your game, it looks amazing! GREEEAT WORK, can't wait!
  • Thank you so much guys @tanguanheng @rcreger ! <3 You guys will be surprised with the next few updates ahahah
  • Do you know when it would be done, on estimate, @PixelPizza ?
  • @rcreger
    If everything goes well, I will have an "enoughly" big and great Demo in 1 or 2 months!
    (I am so excited!!!!)
    After that, I will gather feedback, critiques, blah blah blah and will continue work on the rest of the game if the results are positive.

    If somehow something happens and I can't finish the demo, which I surely hope it doesn't happen, you guys will get a big update (covering everything new and interesting) and won't take much longer to release the demo.
  • I'm "so excited" too, @PixelPizza !

    If you'd like, once you get game out (in it's demo), you can send it to my review, Bored Reviews: , and I highly suggest going to @Crigence 's "Crigence Critique" and @Daniel Folston 's "Game review!" to get feedback. Thanks, and good luck! I can't wait till it's ready!
  • Unleash the storm inside you while punishing giant beasts. Complete your 100 good deeds of penance and recover your place in heaven. Exterminate all of the Affrayers with thrilling, fast-paced and extremely challenging battles.

    Post (2)

  • Looks like it will be amazing @PixelPizza ! I thought you had stopped, but here you are!
  • Are you ready @rcreger ?
  • When it is done/ready, what do you think of a review? You can just go to my discussion, Bored Reviews, which the link is right here:

    If you submit, you will receive, one, a review, two, a like for your game, and three, suggestions on how to make it even better! You also can get a shot at making my official Game of the Week! Thanks, and like I always say:

    "The more opinions, the greater the outcome!" -rcreger
  • Sure thing, I love receiving good feedback
  • Thanks, so when it is ready, just post a link and I will gladly give you one! Good luck, and have a great day!
  • I decided to scroll through all of this, I can hardly beleive this was made using flowlab (no offense grazer but most of us are kids)
  • Ahahaha @MagmaDude100
    Thanks, I guess? ahha

    Working hard is the key.
  • I think you guys are curious but I don't want to spoil too much...

    I guess I will just drop these

    b a d b o y s

    and run.

    Icone grande (2)icones pequenos (10)

    A cool skeleton without context. Can you guess what is it?
  • Which is the final? The one on the right, or the left (I think the one on the left looks better)?
  • They are both in the game.
    Same thing, equal purpose, different applications.
  • Okay, thanks! They both look great, it is just that I like the more definition of the one on the left.
  • edited July 2019
    Yo yo yo, I'm just taking a small vacation from this, but I will keep you guys updated ;)

    - deleted image -
  • ...Is that you?
  • ok omg, I can't wait for awakening the game looks so good. it looks better than any game I have played on Flowlab, and not just on Flowlab, it looks better than any pixelated games I have played yet. you should add the game on steam or app store. if it costs something it wouldn't matter I would still purchase it. oh and I would love to see more updates of the game if there is any!
  • edited April 2019
    haven't played the original awakening, but this, this looks awsome.
  • Man @PixelPizza the game looks amazing, when will you start working on it again?
  • Hey everyone, thanks for the comments :)

    @rcreger Indeed. That's the "not nervous at all" me hahaha.

    @Dan studios Ahahah thanks thanks thanks! I'm so glad you like it haha. And yes I do intend to publish it on steam and other platforms when I finish it. It's been a long journey to finish this project but I really think that the final result will be worth the wait and all the hard work I've put into this.

    @ToastMaster64 Many thanks! Honestly, it doesn't change much but at the same time changes EVERYTHING. This surpasses everything "Awakening", or even me could have dreamt of.

    @TheTinySpacePanda Wassup bud, thanks for the kind words! I will get back on track as soon as I get a bit more of free time and the HTML update gets officially deployed and 100% fixed.

    I can't wait to come back to this project and post a GIF or even a link. It all looks so cool.


    TL;DR: I'm gonna make a DUPER COOL small game while I wait for the HTML update.

    Btw guys, I have this small Idea for a small project that will be my "first finished game". I have created so many games over the years but never actually finished them.
    I will explain better the whole idea in another thread, but overall I really think it's gonna be awesome because it's going to bring stuff "never" seen in flowlab before.

    The only thing close to "finished" it's a game called "Dash Dunkers", which I made for the second official FLOWJAM. It is finished and I still think it's a cool game but yeah it was for a gamejam and designed as a mobile game.
    I can't work on it because otherwise, people wouldn't be able to see the actual state of it when it won the FLOWJAM.
  • That is neat @PixelPizza ! I honestly can not wait to see your game! By what you have said, it is amazing! Good luck with it, and hope to see you soon!
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