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AFFRAYER - Unleash The Storm Inside You

edited April 2019 in Game Design
Howdy, Everyone!
You may notice that Awakening is closed and I'm sorry for taking a little bit more to fix it. This time it's going to take a little while.

Here I am going to post the progress of my work. These updates are going to be based on gifs.
Later, I may come to create an account on Instagram or Tumblr for this - but for now, the game is too incomplete and in its initial versions. It does not even have a full animation.

Alright for this time (rebuilding the game), I have been away from the art of the game so I can focus on the gameplay.
I have been working on mostly text and writing everything down but also the basis of the arrows and player movement.


I have added an arrow rotation when it starts falling:

And also an small randomization on the arrows rotation, so the aim of the player it's not perfect:

For now, it's this... The arrows still need a lot of work obviously aha. It misses the strength of the arrow. Everything else is just polishing.

I will come back with more tiny updates soon


  • edited May 2018
    Wall jumping:
    It's done :) also its pretty easy to perfom it in game....
    It just needs a key to all the action. no need for direction YASS!
    To do "the one that you go up" you need to press the key to the direction of the wall.
    I'm glad it works smoothly.

    Also @grazer , the raycast needs a little fix in the capsules objects (other people already mentioned it but yeah)
  • Found a "bug" ? The proximity only detect the walls that are inside of the "main screen" in the editor.

    Dunno why. Something do to with the behaviour
  • What program are you using for gif capturing?
    Looks good btw
  • Found it today and it's called Screen to Gif @Mhx Aîr
  • Nice. Also, as for that proximity main screen editor thing, if your main character has the camera, and you drag the main character really far out away from the middle of the game main screen area in the editor, then you hit play, does it just give you a white screen or not load the camera where your character is currently standing? I used to get stuff like that too about a year ago. Something about the game not working the same in play as it does in edit. Proximity also looks really weird in editor, because it detects everything for every similar object, like if you had five enemies trying to detect the player, all five enemies' proximity would light up even if only one enemy detects the player.
  • Well the bug I am talking is this one:

    I'm not aware of the proximity detects for all the similar objects.
    I have to try that out.
  • edited May 2018
    Also tried the the proximity and it seems to work fine:

    @Mhx Aîr
  • I meant when you have the object's behaviors window open in the editor, because I said the proximity Behavior lights up. Say for example you have three enemies in a room one above, one to the left, one to the right, doesn't matter which one of the three you click on, when you inspect the proximity Behavior, it flickers no matter which one of them gets in your proximity. It might still do that, it might not. You won't notice it when you're playing the game, you only notice it when you're in the editor.
  • Ah alright. yeah, that. sometimes is useful sometimes isn't.
  • @grazer hey look at this :)
    it has the flowlab logo in it hehe

    It haves some priting errors because I forgot little details but I still like it
    (It's for my pre-final year projetct)



  • That's pretty cool. You'll have to remake it once you have created all the lore
  • Thxs :)
    Well that's just the pre-final year project
    In the final year project, it will contain basically everything (lore, monsters, concepts, weapons, abilities, etc)
  • Wall Running:
    Well, now that I've struggled to finish, I don't see well the usefulness of this ability in the game and in its gameplay. I do not know if I should implement because the player has many other ways to take a "big leap" instead of running on the wall, which is at risk.

    (without the animations looks kinda weird)

    Now I think I will start drawing. I went against my nature too much ahah.
  • You know, back in 2011 I used to logic gate in LittleBigPlanet 2, and in 2014 or 2015, I created a really well made LBP3 Diamondsion Assault system, and it included logic for wall jumping, wall running, rock climbing, and sliding down walls.

    It of course works and feels so much better in a 3D game, and because LBP3 has over 5 layers of horizontal plane, I can run in front of, against, or behind pillars and platforms. Maybe I'll try to record it someday with my phone if I find my old Ps3.

    Anyway, just saying, if done right, I support your wall running idea, because I'd do it too if I can do it like I did in LBP3.
  • And I present you guys, the new character!!!! TA DAAAAAA.


    It doesn't have arms because the arms are a separate object
    Yap I changed from the draw to pixel art.
    As Mhx referred before he was too young. And I really enjoy more like this.
  • Very cool animation. Tbh I've been poking through the game files these last couple weeks to see what you've been up to, and it looks much better than the old one. Is he African or some kind of ancient islander? Hawaiians are pretty dark too.

    Actually it looks like he has an afro so nvm lol I couldn't see the hair til I turned up my brightness.

    Good work so far.
  • edited June 2018
    Oh, and let me know how well that separate arms gimmick works, because that could save me a lot of sprites for the toggle stick aiming. I'll use animations with arms on combat and separate arms for gestures and projectiles.
  • Thanks, I'm glad you like it and I'm super glad that it's better than the old one. I was kinda afraid of this big change :)

    Yeah for the character design I was thinking some kind of African/Aztec even though he is an angel.
    And sure I will show how the arms will work. If I can pull it out perfectly, I share it.

    Also, I will make the wings a separates objects, that aren't made of feathers in the early phase of the game - some kind of magic/spirit wings that allow him to have dashes, mid-air movement and high jumps to reach and hold on the giant bosses.

    Later on, you will have "god gifts"
    (in Portuguese "dávidas" which is the first word I found in my language that sounds cooler in it than in english)
    if you have done your job right or level up (still don't know exactly) will allow you to evolve some of your body parts or a have a celestial power, stuff like that.
    (the thing I was working in the old Awakening, but better)
  • Don't get me wrong though, I loved the old art style. I hope you can reuse some assets, like the old player character as a spirit guide or something. Still, great aesthetic choice to go with pixel art. I didn't know you were this good at it.
  • I’d like to see a mix of both styles
  • Well I can see the red and white color scheme being used as a line guide for which way to go, and as a sparkle on things you can interact with. If there's a lot of color now, it would be hard to mix them unless white and red areas serve as ability tutorials like Paper Mario TTYD used plain white space for tutorials.
  • Yeah, totally I will reuse the sprites from the old bosses. I liked them too and I worked really hard on it.
    So the ones that make sense to giants I will use. The others...maybe in future.

    I'm not that far away from the old style. I'm just doing a little bit better, I think. And applying my "recent knowledge" about shadows and colours.

    And I liked the idea of having the red and white as line guide or sparkles/particles that go around the objects you can interact with.
  • Arrows & Aim Update:
    Aim: Updated aim sprite and animation;

    - Added strength;
    - Arrows can now destroy blocks if they have enough force (still need to polish animation of the blocks);
    - Arrows now fade, after a short amount of time, instead of instantly disappearing;


    I also drew a few tilesets which I haven't finished yet

  • Also @grazer why can't I turn on/off the pause object offscreen..
    the options doesn't show
  • The arrow system is coming along very nicely. I took a peek at it about a week or two ago when you made the circle shrinking aiming reticle, and I like the breaking and disappearing effect, but I wanted to ask, if there are infinite arrows, are they magic? If they are magic, instead of Disappearing, should they burst into like sparkle particle effects or something? Burst into a fire? something like that depending on if you have elemental arrows or something? Not really sure how far you're going to go with upgrades. If you had Elemental arrows, you could have particle effects flow behind them.
  • Oh, another suggestion, you should do a raycast system that detects when there are no blocks in a certain direction, so it rounds and chunks off the blocks so they aren't square anymore, with an animation frame.
  • @Mhx Aîr
    Well yes, the arrows are magic and they are infinite just like in the previous version of Awakening.
    Because of the Celestial Bow, that the protagonist possesses.

    And yes they should burst into sparkles just like the old arrows. But first I need to do the proper sprite of the arrow and then the animations. I also haven't made any bow and arrows sketches yet.

    And I like the idea of having particle flow behind them.... in the first bow and arrow it should be just wind but with the elemental upgrades, it would change.

    I totally forgot about the raycast tileset generator, I will implement it. Thanks.

    I will put a lot of work into the arrow shooting system because the game is about SHOOTING ARROWS.
    So... I have to make shooting arrows super duper banger coolest possible. and satisfying.
  • edited June 2018
    Maybe you should have a select type system, to choose between different types of arrows, instead of upgrading your arrows. Then you could have stuff like arrows that split into 2, then arrows that split in a 3 as an upgrade, and arrows that have a special feather or something on it, I'm sure you can think of a clever name, but you shoot the arrow, and then you can guide it with the arrow keys.
  • Yes, I already thought of something alike. By pressing the key "Q" would open a menu that allows equipping an ability and change arrows.

    Have to think more about it and make it easy and fast to use.
  • edited June 2018
    Tapping Q and E to toggle left and right, or DPAD on a controller. You could also do a scroll wheel kind of thing I guess, by holding a button and doing up down left right or diagonal for eight different weapons.
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