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Insanity Parkour

edited June 2018 in Play My Game
I think you should play this, it's pretty good thanks to all the people like CrimsonBlackGames and Latif3 who helped me!

Insanity Parkour:


  • How is this your entry to Flowjam 3 if it didn't even start yet?

    The theme will be picked today and everyone will start building a game within the theme or genre.
    Well, that's what the rules are for.
  • shhhhh... You're not supposed to know that... xD
  • edited June 2018
    How did you get this to over 40,000 plays when you just joined?
    Clearly flowlab is broken. I have games from 2013 with less plays than that.
    Most of the top popular games on the main page aren't even at 10,000.
    Maybe it's a bug, maybe it's hold F5 with a rock lol.
  • 40000 plays impossible. The game isn't even good.

    When was this game even created.
  • @Latif3
    About a week or two ago.
    It shocks me personally because it uses default sprites. I'd be less concerned if they created all their own graphics, which is why I think it must be a bug or an exploit. That's 3,000 to 4,000 plays a day in such a short period.
  • edited June 2018
    Yeah like I said, IMPOSSIBLE.

    @grazer Can you explain this?
  • I don't keep a record of every game play, but sure it's possible. This game was created last September, and maybe it's embedded in another website somewhere - you'll have to ask @AddoPlayz :)
  • edited June 2018
    Wait, how was the game made last September, I thought they just joined in May? I'm so confused. Why are you just now telling us that you made this game if you made it last year? I would think that would be a lot more done by now, like more levels or something. I have so many questions.
  • I only had the free version so now I'm making like 60 levels. And I've just joined the forum. I didn't need any help with anything until my game was a school project I chose to present.
  • And @grazer is right, I do have it embedded in a bunch of websites, and know a lot of people that play video games, and go through random discord servers promoting it.
  • Huh, alright, my bad then.
    Are you going to make your own graphics? Using the default graphics is what made me think it was brand new in the first place.
  • Not really, that's the whole point. I make people think that it's this super easy, not-well thought game with only a couple levels, then it turns out that it's hard to beat and has 60 levels. I chose 60 because I think that's how much I'm going to make.
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