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How to make when you buy something it lowers your score/points.

I need it for my Flowjam game, I would tell you why but that would spoil my game.


  • Oh, this time I can help you! Remember me? Anyway, so whatever score system you're using, chances are that it's main idea is all around a number. So add another number, and whatever the other number is connected to, make the new number connected to that, but make it -whatever it costs. That's what I did.

    NUMBER FOR COINS (100) ---------------------------------LABEL OR WHATEVER
    THING TO BUY -(10)------------------------------------------------l
    THING TO BUY-(10)-------------------------------------------------l
    THING TO BUY-(10)-------------------------------------------------l

    Sorry I don't know how to post a picture yet.
  • Thanks, you helped me with my crate problem and this. Your the best
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