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"BOO!!!" "I'M SORRY I DON'T KNOW!!!" (My character's not being nice.

So, on FoodWars, my character has been jumping multiple times while still in the air if given the command... Now, I want to double jump, but make that the limit. I'm getting a feeling that it has to do with a timer and a number, but that looks like I'm just overlooking it... (


  • Consider jump [in switch] (+) 1 number --- filter (greater than 1) --- off switch

    Jumping more than once turns of jump

    Collision ground --- set 0 to number --- filter (equal to 0) --- switch on

    Hitting the ground sets the number back to 0, and being at 0 turns back on jumping, so jumping once or twice will still reset when you hit the ground, but you can't jump more than twice, or it turns the switch off.
  • Thanks! (: I'll make sure to look to you for help more often. (;
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