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How to fix player randomly stopping while moving?

edited June 2018 in How To
Hey I'm Sero I'm new to Flowlab. I want to make a RPG I'm currently just trying to learn how to get all the core mechanics working but I've noticed on my sprite when I make it move it will stop moving making it not spooth is there an easy fix? Heres my current project:

edit: I fixed it :)


  • edited June 2018
    it's because your attempted fix for the 'continued velocity' thing (where you continue moving when the key isn't pressed) isn't axis-specific and also doesn't take into consideration whether other keys are still being pressed

    you have the WASD keys set so when they keyup 0 is output to velocity x and y, this means for example when moving diagonally holding both W and D, releasing D will completely stop you instead of simply transitioning to moving up as W is still being pressed

    use this instead
    larger picture

    there are many ways to fix your problem but for simple top-down movement this one is decent
  • Thanks but I figured out I just needed to make the keys repeat.
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