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I need help with a game... I know what ur probably gonna say make a game with ur own ideas but u know what... I dont have any good ones, cause I been playing to many games that I like and I can't think of a good story or anything that isn't from those games. Pls comment and give ideas. thx :)


  • make a game with ur own ideas
  • lmao I was kidding
  • there's nothing wrong with using ideas from other games, it's good practice and offers learning opportunities
  • As long as you don’t rip the art, story, and characters out of the game- especially with Nintendo
  • true but if you STILL want ideas then...
    what if you make a game about cloning different blocks to solve puzzles?
  • or a game where you have to escape the level by finding a 'glitch'
  • edited June 12
    thx. -_- really @Latif3. I just needed some inspiration. I might just finish sonic undoing because it needs to be done. so thx!
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