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edited May 17 in Play My Game
Hello, Flowlabbers! My name is Browngr, but you can just call me G. I am a programmer on Flowlab who loves to learn and takes pride in what he already knows. I'm glad to take any feedback or give advice if needed. This is the official announcement page for my games and general work on Flowlab.

If you don't know who I am, here's some games I've made that might ring a bell:


We're just here to hang out and chill, and also talk about my plans as a developer! So come by, sit down, and let's talk! (=


  • QUESTION: On my computer, my game has simply stopped loading my levels. I'd love to know if this is happening on your side, because I am very dearly worried that this might be happening with you as well... /:
  • UPDATE: Amazing! Yes, I will be updating my game from FOODWARS beta, to the 1.1 version. Thank you for all of your support. This is the list for what the update will be featuring, plus more ideas that I have for concepts of the future:
    1.1 UPDATE:
    Certain villains do extra damage now.
    CAR-ROT moves now.
    Chefman only summons one BANG!!! at a time.
    BANG!!! only destroys certain enemies.
    There are hints for each level now.
    New levels will be added with all of the villains on the front page.
    The BREAKFAST BOSS will be added to level 2.
    New guards will be added.
    The game will be less 2d.
  • UPDATE: A very small update has been added, where now, there are sound effects to the main menu clickable objects.
  • man, you need to send a link to your game!
  • Oh yeah, Magnus? Can you answer my question from before when you play please? I really care about player satisfaction, and just buttons that crash the flash doesn't sound good. Or you know, you can ask anyone else if you don't want to, I just, you know. Not the best game if you can't access it. Thank you! My levels are crashing, and I hope that it's not happening on other people's sides. Plus, I don't know if my characters are doing their job, because I can't play test it. So, anyone who cares to play test the game for me, I offer great thanks. (:
  • Ah yes! Also, even though my team member/ cousin hasn't yet been mentioned, if you want to support him, give a big thanks to him right here! I'm leaving to california to see him in a few weeks, so I'd love it if you guys would say thank you, or whatever because he has created the concept of ViperTech's first video game. Thanks! He will be very happy to see the support! (:
  • Man I played the game ITS AWESOME. I wish i knew how to code as well as you and your cousin.
  • Thank you Classic Productions! If you are so sure that you aren't as good as us, you can get some tips from the editor, which I believe is clickable for other coders, so you can get started on more unique ideas, and how to use them. (: I hope this helps, and just P.S, you're still awesome.
  • edited June 2018
    @browngr hey this just started but when i play level 1 I click vipertech it sends me to the game exept there is only a red screen and the labels also this is only with the 1st level and the 5th level
  • Okay, thanks Classic Productions... I've been having this problem as well, but there's nothing wrong with the coding, so it must be a bug. Sorry for the inconvenience. I'll post this right away on a new forum. This is not good news...
  • OTHER GAME ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Yes, although ViperTech Productions originally decided on making this page exclusive to FoodWars and FoodWars by itself, we have decided that this page will be for all of our video games, which in that case, I, browngr, the co-owner of ViperTech am very happy to announce my first horror game; BABYSITTER. BABYSITTER is still in motion of being made, and it will not be finished until we can buy the better versions, but it has already been played many times, even though I haven't even finished it. Horror games are my cousin's favorite game genre, and mine as well. I'd also like to give out a big thanks to Scott Cawthon who gave my cousin and I inspiration to make video games. Please, if you have the spare coins, go and download Five Nights at Freddy's. Browngr- ViperTech co-owner-
  • I am having the same problem as you, as the levels don't load. I heard another commenter say this game was good so I guess it is. However, Food Wars is a copyrighted name (theres an anime called Food Wars) so if you plan to sell this game you might want to watch for that.
  • Yeah, every time we create a copyrighted title, we search it up beforehand. Yet, on the contrary, FoodWars the game is a completely different idea, as Food Wars is an anime. But yes, I understand this problem, but if it is completely different with ideas, then they have nothing against us. Oh yes, and thank you for confirming the problem even further. I have a friend working on the bug.
  • GAME TALK: Bad news. Here at ViperTech, we have decided to cancel the one person project, BABYSITTER. Although the game has a good share of plays by others, it wasn't able to make it up to our expectations. After making the main menu, I felt that it was going to be a worthy game, possibly topping FOODWARS. Yet, even though it might have, ViperTech is extremely busy as a small future company. I am truly sorry to anyone who might have enjoyed what small thing was alive of the game, but me and my cousin, the only workers at this company, plus being 11 and 10 years old, mean that we don't have our own free time, even with Summer break, it is still very tight. We apologize, but after the bug with FOODWARS is fixed, I can assure you that there will be a new ViperTech video game coming. FOODWARS's concept was made by my 10 year old cousin, in which his real name must be concealed just like mine, but my concept game is coming soon . Plans are for the project to start when the bug ios fixed, like I have already said. Browngr-
    At ViperTech, my concept video game's production starts tomorrow. In which, this will tell about how the game will go, and plus more. Let's begin:
    Player: Jason Bay.
    Allies: Jake Fasa, Abby Caderson.
    Enemies: Alien life-
    Story: Welcome to the new world ol' chap! NOW GET MOVING! The world you live in now, 2029, and the end is coming. Alien life has formed from our space junk and radioactive activity emitting from the ISS. They are now coming in in the millions, and only a set of 3 government agents can save the world that is already dying. You're the chief. Are you ready?
  • Hey, just a quick suggestion, I see that the title screen and games UI is a little bit messy. I would suggest making sprites, words, etc. in photoshop (if u have it) or This allows you to use the more advanced tools in the programs to make your game look nicer. I would also say for the difficulties, maybe make another menu for it. So far I like the concept and am eager to see how you add to it.
  • edited June 2018
    Thank you for the suggestion, XxCarbotxX, and thank you once again for the comment. My cousin and I, the only workers and CEOs at ViperTech enjoy comments like this, so I will surely change the title menu, however a different menu for the difficulties will have to wait until we get the better version, as the limit is 5 levels, and we already have the main menu added onto 4, which the main menu is considered a level by the engine. But yes, I have realised that it does look a little wonky, so the problem will be fixed, and everything will have more to offer, in which I am even trying to figure out how to have a volume changer. I hope you enjoy the future updates! In which I will change the simple blocks to a label, which will make the area more spacious, and not as compact.
  • So, I don't know how you want us to play your game, but I just speedran it.
    I have a habit of looking for glitches to abuse in every game I play. This was an easy one.
  • Umm... I am very truly confused... I thought I fixed that glitch. Yeah! I did! But thank you for telling me anyway. I hope this doesn't do that again.
  • edited June 2018
    Alright, I just fixed the bug. I literally used the default run and jump behavior bundle because in the alpha version of the game this still happened, but then in the first update before this page even existed, I fixed it. But now, I am not very happy to see this bug again. But I think it's fixed once and for all.
  • Okay, so now the attack method is so fast that it kills the chili guards but also is so fast that you can't use it to unlimitedly jump.
    As browngr, I have decided to delay the construction of our new game, as FoodWars isn't yet in perfect condition. But, once it is, I will indeed start our game; DEFENDERS-
  • Hello! I am leaving very soon, so although I will be gone, I am bringing my computer with me, so I will still frequently come back. Just not very often. As of now, there are about 3 days until I leave to Vegas and then Cali to meet with my family and production team. Also, on my first day there, there will be no progress at ViperTech, as we need to set up shop. I hope you can understand. Have a nice day! browngr-
  • edited June 2018
    (Also, my production crew is my family.) A big thanks from me to them for all of the support on me and my cousin's future company. I hope that all of you can understand that you're never too old to dream, and definitely never too old to follow those dreams. Being a kid, it's extra difficult to make it into the world of business. We have to defy the laws, and make it legal to own a company at our age, and so ViperTech needs more support. And so I can't comprehend how thankful I am to my family, and of course you. For every single one of you who plays our games, more love is given. Thank you for all of the support. (:
  • Hello everyone! Although I am still not where I will be going, I still am working on our games. I have been wondering what updates should be added to FoodWars, as there's not much that I can do with it, because we only have the free version. Tell me anything, anything at all for any wanted updates. We will have them ready if we believe that they would do well in the game. (;
  • UPDATE: I'm going on vacation tomorrow!!! But that's not the update. FoodWars doesn't have fake difficulties anymore. We are still working on it, but now when you press on easy, fire will be deleted, so that you can play in peace if you feel like it. But keep in mind, that's not stopping the food made enemies. Still watch your step!
  • I am leaving for my flight in about an hour and a half.
  • Hello everybody! I am currently about 1000 feet in the air or probably more as I am typing this. Yes, this means that I will still be posting throughout this awesome day! If you aren't having the best, just remind yourself that it won't last forever. I love you guys, and your support, and I hope your day is awesome just like mine right now. (=
  • 25,000 to 30,000 feet in the air. /:
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