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  • Sorry if I'm coming off as aggressive, by the way.
  • Nah, it's me when you didn't accept. I just felt a little... I'd rather not say.
  • *sigh*
    Look. I know. Yet another time your age has blocked you from doing something. I battled with the same thing until I was able to make my place obvious, that age didn't matter. But in this case, it does. Especially with the fact that I don't know you. At all. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but you have to accept the facts sometimes.
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    So you want to put it on what, the app store
  • Yes. Fallout Anarchy will need registered permission from Bethesda, though.
  • I'm working on a new setup! Trying to get a twenty year old PC up and working isn't an easy task though. Expect minimal progress from me in the following days, until I can get her up.
  • OOF, not a 20 y/o pc, I hate those ones!
  • Oh yes, another question,(sorry if you answer it already)
    If I get indie, can I help you on the coding of fallout anarchy?
  • @Polarbeer2019 XD. I'm still trying to get it up and running, but I'm sure I can make it work.
    And sorry, but no. As you saw before, there are no exceptions. Turns out one of our Dev Team was also too young, and they had to leave programming as well. But, he's still on the team, and will most likely be helping with the development of HAKK3R.
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    Looks like the "JOIN VIPERTECK GAMES!" and "ViperTeck Scouting!" discussions are growing! But recruitment rates are still low. Anyone who meets their requirements should consider joining! We'd love to have ya!
  • Picky

    and annoying
  • edited January 6
    Are you talking to me? Because you better watch it. I'm trying my damn best to recruit people who are loyal, fit for the job, and won't complain unlike the new generation of kids like you we have today. And for reference, I'm only about a year and a half older than you guys, so don't go along that route. I learned how to show proper respect, and take a freaking hint. And maybe you should too. I'm done playing nice now. I've given ALL of you my expectations, and you should respect that, like how I was respecting you! You were fit to join HAKK3R, but now, I've placed the guidelines. From here on out, you can expect these guidelines to go across ViperTeck as a whole. Except for @Mushroom Productions, because he's earned my respect. I thought you had too. Apparently not. And as you can see, I'm not playing Mr. Nice Guy anymore. Refrain from interfering with my work from here on out.
    NOW. Back to work! Hello everyone my name is @browngr, but you can just call G! And now that we've gotten this re-introduction out of the way, we all fully back to friendly conversation, feedback on our work, ideas (that have nothing to do with the guidelines for recruitment, as you just saw, those are clearly set in stone) and more! Feel welcome, unless you are going to make me put up with the kind of BS that some kids have in store. Yes, yes, I know. That was a bit harsh. Look through my history with them, and then come back to me. Welcome to ViperTeck!
  • Hey @browngr , I really like seeing the development of your games - it's very active! - I really enjoy seeing your progress with it! I've been away for a while, so I missed a lot, but it's looking good! Good luck!
  • Thank you so much! Support's been in... short supply lately, and with real life and all that, that one comment really made my day. Now I'm sure you meet all the requirements, so if you would like to join ViperTeck, please, feel free to tell me! We'd love to have ya!
  • I've returned to Flowlab! And, admittedly, I've been hit with a few problems, but generally, I'm back and better than ever! Still on my laptop, but that's okay. As long as you guys can enjoy the games, that's good enough for me!
  • I'd really like to join, but unfortunately my laptop is really not doing good... Is very old, and it's hard to play my own games on it, if I can even at all. However, if I am able at any point, I'd happily join. I'll keep you posted. Thanks, and much good luck to you!
  • That'd be great! My laptop decides to crash at random points in quick succession, so I feel ya, all the way. XD
    So yeah, you're welcome onto the team anytime you want. Though, I did see that you had the free version of Flowlab when you were making A-Box, (which I'm a huge fan of btw) which can cause a few problems. BUT, if you're upgraded and everything, and even if not, I'm sure you meet the age requirements, so even if you only have the free version, you can still do voice acting. (=
  • Hello, everybody! We've been talking about recruitment and games lately, but what about the other side of ViperTeck?
    Recently, we've been looking into space travel, and centrally, atomic power. More me, though XD.
    My separate teams and I have been working on something special, which will be receiving updates on these forums, and our official Subreddit.
    Atomica. I've always been certain that atomic power was the key to the future, but only recently have I released the potential it holds. Since it already has so much ability, we've been trying to find a clean way to use all nuclear waste biproducts as energy as well, maybe even reducing the atoms down to oxygen, or maybe even water. It's a stretch, but our ideas have solid ground to base on, which is why I'm certain of the success of Atomica in the far future. My mission? Having atomic powered cars on the roads by 2050. Yes, this idea may have originated from a game, but that's the beauty of it. It perfectly crosses with my origins here, and ViperTeck's origins. So, I'm happy to announce the first official Sub- Division of ViperTeck. Atomica. The Energy Source of the Future.
  • Less than 400 views until 2K! Now that I have the better version of Flowlab, how about a vote?
  • And what does the sub-division do?
  • Atomica is going to work on space-age visions of the future, creating automotive technology based off of the power of the atom. In the far future, we may even be travelling across space. I have no doubt we reach this point, but I fear I will not live to see that day.
  • Hello, everyone! Remember, this survey is going to be active all until the completion of Fallout Anarchy in three years! I want as much information to go on, preferably, so if you've got the time, please, consider taking it? It's only a few questions, and will help me dearly.
  • 29270f69-9768-4598-b627-b3c9125920ae

    "What happens next?"
  • Yes, I know, I'm a horrible artist. Three reasons: I just came up with this concept, I'm a horrible artist, and I'm drawing with a mousepad.
    But that's besides the point. DEGENERATE is the probable side project coming out alongside HAKK3R in the far future. The degenerate era is here. As the apocalypse nears, your character must venture out into space, and recolonize. Either in the depths of space, or a wandering planet. It's your choice.
  • Hey, everybody, G here! What's been going on in your lives lately?
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    Hey, wanna see something cool? I think you do:

    Drawing (11)
    A year and a half ago, ViperTeck was a simple concept with a simple logo and objective. Now, ViperTeck is my dream of the future, holding a place as the crown jewel of my accomplishments. With 3 different Sub-Divisions currently in action, and a growing support rate, I can proudly say that when I was still working on Foodwars with my cousin, I never expected to see ViperTeck reach this point. ViperTeck has spread, and it is now a household name at my school of almost 1,000 students.
    To six year old me, good job man.
  • edited February 5
    Screenshot 2020-02-05 at 8.24.33 AM
    I've done it! This is Brawn, the boss of the latest level in HAKK3R. In order to beat him, you have to overcharge his suit with the electric charge and then beat him while he's down. Then, when he gets back to moving, you have to keep your distance, or else he will take you down quick. After 8-10 seconds of this, then you can use the REC again. Good luck!
    You're probably going to have trouble, but this proves that it is possible! Hell, I made this thing, and it took me an hour to beat him!
  • I guess I will take the next 4 hours trying to beat him!
  • XD good luck! Since it's in demo, the entrance to the riot level is open for everyone to try. Just make it to the Monarchia level, and then go to the park, which is just north and then right.
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