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  • edited October 2018
    Rachel has been added as an easter egg for when I get the better versions! (If)
    She appears very briefly in two parts where you also find Randall... (=<
  • edited October 2018

    Feeling spoopy this year. It must be Halloween season... >=D
  • HAPPY (Early) HALLOWEEN!!!
  • FALLOUT ANARCHY IS HERE!!! May not be much right now, but I think you can tell that this will surely turn into something good. =)
  • 350 VIEWS ON THIS ARTICLE!!! THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SUPPORT!!! Can we get to 400??? =)
  • All of my hard work just got destroyed by mistake. It's unfixable. Check it out on FALLOUT ANARCHY, and see if I should (try to) fix it, or just give up. Because I know, never give up, and all that lingo, but this is BAD.
  • I don't want to, but I have a lot of problems in my personal life, and that kinda destroys my confidence in my work. Honestly, I hate my games, but they get plays so woo hoo! /=|
  • FALLOUT ANARCHY is starting to come together! I haven't fixed the mistake in the size changer, but you now have two different guns, logical bullets, and much, much more... =)
  • edited October 2018
    Added grenades to FALLOUT ANARCHY!!! Plus, so much more. Now, once you kill a henchman, it drops a cap. (Money in Fallout) There's a pretty good chance it will trade into a first aid kit upon picking it up, therefore giving you more health.
    If you want to know how to make different types of guns or anything else from FALLOUT ANARCHY like the radio, please ask on here or message me.
  • FALLOUT ANARCHY is gaining popularity pretty fast! I have loads of hope for it, so thank you for all the support! All rights go to Bethesda Studios for making and continuing to make the Fallout series.
  • edited October 2018

    Wondering how to make a radio that shuffles its songs by itself, and lets you change it at your will? Well here you go. My design completely. ;)
  • To be perfectly honest, I think I like the radio more than anything else in the whole game. XD
    And it's simple too! Just do random, then hook it up to the same number of filters as there are possibilities, and then hook those up to a bunch of songs! I have a ten song playlist, which isn't much, but from the sheer size of that thing, you can probably tell why I didn't want to do all I think it was 67 songs on the regular Flowlab engine. I would have added real songs from the Fallout series but I don't have the money versions of Flowlab... =(
  • Wondering how to make a shotgun? A machine gun? Well I'll give you the link to both, but in all honesty, making a shotgun is only two more steps from the machine gun.
    MACHINE GUN: file:///home/chronos/u-0f567793fdc693d7401fbbd11f8eb615d7ada653/Downloads/Screenshot%202018-10-21%20at%2012.39.03%20AM.png
    SHOTGUN: file:///home/chronos/u-0f567793fdc693d7401fbbd11f8eb615d7ada653/Downloads/Screenshot%202018-10-21%20at%2012.40.07%20AM.png
    Now, making a shotgun is simply just adding a timer to extend the amount of time between a shot, so basically you can make this a cannon where it has an extremely long wait, or just a tiny one. And then, turn off repeating on it. Now, you have a fully functioning shotgun. =D
  • If you're wondering how to make anything else from my game, message me as said or comment on here, as said.
  • Working at 12:45 at night is a little difficult. But that's alright, because I'm working on FALLOUT. I hope you enjoy my game!

  • This is the playlist I'm going to use for the radio when/if I get the better version of Flowlab...
  • Hello everyone! I hope you're having an awesome day, I surely am, and I'd like to tell you guys about a new idea I have for FALLOUT ANARCHY!!! I have ideas to expand this community by making discussions that advertise this page! Tell me your guys' thoughts. The first advertisement is coming in a few minutes, so stay tuned!!! =D
  • Hello newcomers! I am happy to welcome you to our community!
  • Come here from the advertisement? Please, comment! Tell me if you enjoy the idea of building another mini community inside a bigger one! Tell me your thoughts! =)
  • edited October 2018
    Want to see a full view of my ideas for FALLOUT ANARCHY? This is a note directly sent to Bethesda, so all of this is real things I want to see in the new Fallout game.
  • So, I'm going to be away for the next four days. (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, part of Friday) But because of how much I love you guys and making games, tonight I will be doing a week's worth of work to pay off for the time away. I am away to film a mini documentary at a place called Cedar Ridge for an event called Outdoor School. So, while I am away, feel free to blast my inbox with questions and feedback, because my brain will probably hurt a lot after the event, so that will get it going again. Thank you for being such a beautiful audience.
  • edited October 2018
    JUST FINISHED THE FIRST BOSS BATTLE!!!! Want hints on how to beat it? There's a very popular company in Fallout, and they'll help you. (Nuka Cola Nuka Cola Nuka Cola Nuka Cola Nuka Cola)
  • MR. HOUSE (The boss battle) now has slowly increasing health, so make sure to keep shooting at him, because he'll build that damage right back up with enough time. Also, he's more dangerous now, as he shoots bullets faster. You can now pick up grenades on the floor.
  • Don't like any of the music on the radio? Shoot the thing! Then, you'll be in peace. (Besides the drones and the maniac in power armor... But besides that it's good!)
  • Hey guys, I'm back from my filming trip, and my computer was kind of being weird and didn't let me into Flowlab, so I'm back a little late, but that's alright. I'm really tired and have a headache right now, but expect me to do some work tomorrow/ on Halloween. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Time to get spooky! =D
  • Added our first working NPC!!! I'm so happy. It also comes with new loot! Upon killing him, he drops the new sniper, plus a bottle of Olde Royale Premium Whiskey for all those Fallout geeks out there! ;)
  • So my game is being really buggy and I don't know if there's a way to fix it, but it's really ruining the gaming experience. /=
  • 76 plays on FALLOUT ANARCHY!!! What perfect timing for the new game!
    Looking to check out the real FALLOUT games for yourself? Here, you'll get the latest on FALLOUT, SKYRIM, and other hot games by Bethesda!
    All credits to Bethesda Studios for making and producing the Fallout games.
  • And yes I know I'm obsessed with Fallout. Fallout, Minecraft, and chill. Sounds like a night to me. =)
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