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  • @MagmaDude100 yup that's one of them. X(
  • @meburningslime could you please stay on topic?
  • Somebody randomly included me in this I have no idea what were talking about!!!!
    Level 1 almost complete!
    Boss battle needs some tweaks but otherwise everything's looking great!
    The Emperor is ready to be challenged. Can you defeat him? Because that's not even the beginning. XD\
    Also, forget checkpoints I'm feeling evil... (=<
  • PLANS:
    His boss battle will be very difficult, reminiscent of SuckerPunch's battle in Level 1. (The big guy with a bat) Just imagine that ×10. The other parts of the level will mostly be fighting off large groups of Emperor's men. (Brawn and Emperor loosely work together)
    If you manage to defeat Brawn before you 'defeat' your computer, onto Level 3.
    Rapido. Literally meaning fast in spanish, Rapido is Hakk3R's failed attempt at bringing his wife back to life. Now with a strange side effect of super-speed, she has lost her mind and been 'taught' to hate G. Her boss battle will heavily rely on your ability to use your speed to catch her in her actions, to beat her down as much as you can before she runs away again.
    REALLY FRUSTRATED?????? Play level 4.
    Assassin. His boss battle is a huge mix of every conflict you've had so far. He's got speed, strength, and no numbers, it just feels like multiple people are fighting you at the same time. Good luck.
    If your device is still in one piece, good job! You made it to the final battle. Not really, this is just the first game. (*Wink *Wink) Hakk3R himself. Jeremy Gardner is an extremely physically fit and smart beyond compare. His abilities heavily rely on technology, and sadly no, that's not a weak point. Jeremy sports a glove capable of manipulating the world around you, and a visor that calculates your every move and the least risky way to attack. (Literally I have the whole blueprints done, this will literally happen) Think you've got the stuff? PLEASE BRAG!!! My goal is to make this the hardest game to beat on, post about it, or simply comment on here! I would love to see your thoughts! (=
  • I plan to add difficulties soon! Accessed via the awesome pause menu I plan to make! There will also be huge rewards for defeating it in NIGHTMARE Mode, including infinite coins in the shop that will also be in the game soon, and special access to a DLC that you don't have to DL, where you play as the villains. Please send me pics of when you beat it when I finish the game! I would love to see you brag! (I know I already said this in a different way...)
  • I wish you luck with this! I can't wait to see it when it is done! But are you still working on Fallout Anarchy @browngr , or you taking a break?
  • @rcreger, I'm taking a break from it right now because I'm starting to run out of ideas and room. I'm going to wait until I can afford indie so that I have more locations and sprites. Sorry, I wish I could continue too...
    But yeah, HAKK3R is starting off great, with a truck-load of bugs but still! It's something.
    Oh, and combat combos have been added.
    Remember the fight with Suckerpunch? Multiply it by 1000. I'm gonna guess that tells you enough. It tells you to run.
  • In the name of Fallout...

    Country Roads,
    take me home,
    to the place,
    I belong,
    West Virginia,
    Mountain Mamma,
    take me home,
    Country Roads...

    Okay, I got it out of system. Now carry on with your game :lol:
  • @rcreger what's your favorite one? Mine is Fallout 4. I've got the G.O.T.Y Edition...
  • I haven't played any, but I've watched the fourth one's play through, and I thought it looked the best (in visuals. Bethesda should try to update that engine :lol: ). Also, seeing Fallout 76, I thought it was the worse in my opinion. It could have been great, but they didn't make the right choices.
  • edited April 2019
    @rcreger what about the original strategy ive never played them but if heard there good
  • @rcreger, Everyone else thought 76 was bad, but I think it was just unfinished. After all, there are loads of plans in store for Fallout 76. Not to mention, the next installment... =D
  • I am more excited for Elder Scrolls 6! (Mainly because I can't play a good Bethesda game, but with more updated graphics other than Skyrim's outdated Creation Engine.. Please look good and not give me a headache! Please!)
  • edited April 2019
    Screenshot 2019-04-21 at 6.46.17 PM
  • Looks nice @browngr , but the anatomy of the character is a bit off. I suggest looking for images of the human body for inspiration for art of the characters.
  • He's supposed to be like that, but thanks for the feedback!
  • edited April 2019
    (=< (=<
  • SOUND UPDATES!!! One thing I find frustrating in video games on Flowlab is that people don't normally tend to volume, which is a very key part of any video game. Although it's a lot of work, I am implementing the volume system I have with L.A Radio in Fallout Anarchy into every single object that makes sound in my games. I find this a very important part of games that want to be as realistic as possible -- okay, our games here at ViperTeck aren't things that happen everyday, but you know what I mean...
  • ... Right?
  • edited April 2019
    "I told you to stay out of my way... Now, this is a war. A war that you are bound to lose..."
  • These next few arts were drawn with a mousepad on a laptop, so take the criticism easy... Thanks guys!
  • We'll be making some changes to Brawn...
  • edited April 2019
    b825859b-fa2e-4446-b28c-a0d8faa44908 (1)
    "I may not be that smart, but I still know about 300 ways to crush your skull..."
  • b825859b-fa2e-4446-b28c-a0d8faa44908 (3)
    "You shouldn't have brought me back, Jeremy... because now, I'm on no one's side."
    J, Jester, Archer, Jumper, Typhoon, Agent B, G, Agent K, Hakk3R's drones & guards, and many more! (Do keep in mind, not all of these will appear in this game. When ViperTeck has the funding to start professionally creating 3D video games, I will start the process of making the most amazing game I can. Hopefully earning awards? Only time will tell... (=
  • edited May 2019
    Hey guys, I'm back! Just had to take a break, it's been a rough time for me lately, but now, I'm so happy to see how much has happened! Only a few more views until the special game, and only around 20 plays until Fallout Anarchy gains 500 plays! (=
  • Nice to see you back @browngr ! Good luck!
  • Thanks! Nice to be back. (=
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