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  • What is this game, I have no idea what it is but I love it
  • Is there going to be more, @GrimProdutionZ ?
  • yes I figured I turn it into a game
  • @GrimProdutionZ , great! I can't wait to see it!

  • The HAKK3R LEVEL's characters are almost complete!
    If everything goes to plan, there will be stage interactions, (inspired by Mortal Kombat) and more players to choose from!
    I plan to include a secret set of characters who can only be unlocked via a specific set of movements and numbers. If you can figure it out, it will give you an alert saying that you have just unlocked *blank*, and it will send you back to the Main Menu, where they will be displayed. This, is how you will complete 1K once it is finished.
    Find every single secret in every single game, and unlock everything.
  • edited August 2019
    Every 1K views on this page will make another huge update.
    I plan to save up and get the Indie Developer mode of Flowlab shortly, so this won't be a problem.
    This huge update?
    Another page. Let me explain;
    1K is going to be set up like this:
    |_____________1K!________ |__________2K!______ |
    |__*content*content*_____| *content*content*|
    And so on and so forth. I don't know where I want to stop, but this is how it's going to work. Unlock every single page, complete every single mission, and when you do, a message will pop up telling you that you have completed the game. From there, you will be given some sort of reward.
    I don't know exactly what that is going to be though...
  • CALL ME KEVIN THE GAME IS HERE! I'll be posting about it on r/callmekevin when it's done. If we can get enough supporters on here, I can talk about it when I post. Please, I need your guys' help!
    That's up to you...
  • Jim Pickens' Journey begins!!!

    Relive the amazing events of Call Me Kevin's playthrough of Sims 4 with Jim Pickens!
  • Quest 3 is in the works! Join Jim Pickens as he searches for his three grandchildren who have been kidnapped! Defeat unique bosses and reclaim them, just so that you can leave them on their own and let them get kidnapped again!
  • I love my "job"
  • Survival is now in Beta!
    1. Watch the awesome Cinematic Intro- (Not bias but I'm pretty proud of it tbh)
    2. Traverse the Universe
    3. Build a better, bigger spaceship! (Awaiting completion)

    1. Explore hundreds of planets!
    2. Learn about stars!
    3. Study ancient soils and discover surviving alien life!
    4. Battle huge alien bosses and conquer Black Hole Galaxies!
    5. Story Mode!
    6. Sandbox Mode!
    7. Character customization!
    8. Easter Eggs!
    9. Mini Games!
    10. Out on the App Store!
    11. Learn about Dark Matter and other Universal beings!

    1. More exploration on MORE planets!
    2. Texture Packs?!
    3. Create custom weapons and spaceship modules!
    4. Servers!
    5. Build on planets and set up bases across the universes!
    7. Learn about legends of the Universal Past
    8. Go BACK IN TIME?!
    10. MORE ALIENS!!!!!!!
    11. MORE BAD ALIENS!!!!
    12. MORE! MORE! MORE!!!!

    Excited yet?
  • Just fixed the biggest bug in the game! Now, you can fly through space at almost 3X faster than normal, but with regulation of course. BUT, if you add rocket boosters to your ship, then 3X becomes rookie numbers! Fly through those light particles and black holes that look like stars in style! (But no one will see you because they've been dead for years)
  • For the majority of today, I will be adding modules to YOUR spaceship, so that YOU can release your imagination! Everything listed here is going to be in the game either in this update or the Christmas update:
    1. Food Modules- Plant and farm roots from roaming planets! Make sure to create one of these quick, or your character will die!
    2. Living Quarters- Space is pretty hostile, so be sure to make these quick, or the astronauts will die from a lack of sleep!
    3. Hallways- Connect different sections of your ship across wide areas for maximum efficiency!
    4. Turrets- Defend yourself from any unfriendly beings or even other players!
    5. Black hole escape machines- If you get caught in a sticky situation with one of these universal giants, get to this module and fast!
    6. Discover more parts of the universe with the space probe module- In memory of the Voyager, which lost contact two days before the death of humanity.
  • Hey guys, I'm back! School's been rough lately, but now, I'm back in action with our "newest" game, HAKK3R.
    Recognize the name? Because HAKK3R already exists! It was a game on flowlab, one of my favorites, but it had to be taken down along with 1K for the Next Generation of ViperTeck games.
    But now, it's back! We hope you enjoy!
  • G has almost all of his animations finished!
    Plus, the villains have their running sequences finished, and their takedown sequences done in prototype stages.
    Player tracking has not been started, since I am running into a few issues. But the game will be underway in no time.
  • Level 1 of HAKK3R is finally complete! From here, I have a canvas for the rest of the game, and just as I expected, I am working at a much faster pace with these canvases!
    and so on and so forth...
    Level one and part of level 2 of my newest game; HAKK3R is complete!
    I would love you get your feedback so that I can improve, learn, and brighten the future of my work!
    Knock yourselves out! I mean, not you, the bad guys, eh- nevermind.
  • Obviously this isn't a requirement, but I'll be 100% honest, I look up to you guys, so I look to you first to learn.
    Also, this is my first time experimenting with Logic gates, so please, if you have any cool uses you use those for, please tell me so that I can incorporate your knowledge in the game!
    (Giving feedback to help me will also get your name in the credits if you are interested)
  • Evolution is a strange thing-
    (I wish there were more pictures from the first HAKK3R game) ):
    Screenshot 2019-11-23 at 12.23.07 PM
    Screenshot 2019-11-23 at 12.22.53 PM
    Screenshot 2019-11-23 at 12.22.38 PM
    Screenshot 2019-11-23 at 12.22.20 PM
    Screenshot 2019-11-23 at 12.22.08 PM
    Screenshot 2019-11-23 at 12.19.00 PM
    Screenshot 2019-11-23 at 12.18.47 PM
    Screenshot 2019-11-23 at 12.16.08 PM
    Screenshot 2019-11-23 at 12.15.59 PM
    But still, you can see how much I have evolved! More characters, better texture, etc.
    Thank you guys so much for teaching me all this! If YOU want to learn how I do what I do, check out this website:
  • HAKK3R is now complete for the time being. Once the 10-mA5 updates come around (December 25 to Jan. 1) the HAKK3R games will be on track to completion!
    -After turning Emperor into the police, you discover that his weapons caches and army are still on the streets. Take out his men in their vehicles, and find the caches to shut down his empire.
    (Awesome boss battle at the end for your hard work!)
    -After turning Emperor into the police, you get a notification of a hostage situation going on in Rustica. Travel there to learn about a new enemy, The Purifier. Save the hostage to learn about this new villain, and find the other ritualistic seances going on around Monarchia. Once you save them, fight Emperor.
    3. DEATH SKY- (J)
    -After discovering and defeating your robotic evil twin, he takes hostages around the city, and places them on rooftops. Defeat the guards, and fight J. Once you've taken out every tower, then face J one final time on top of the Royal Grounds Avenue Tower.
    -After overcoming the strange burst of fear, you get a notification that the FarmLand Amusement Park has just been taken over by a "Jester". Play along with whatever twisted game he has in store for you to defeat him, and bring him into M.P.D.'s arms.
    -After overcoming the burst of fear, you get a notification that a large set of traps have been set around the city, all of which have hostages inside. Undo the traps and destroy them without killing the people inside to find Trapper and put him behind bars.
    -A new villain has surfaced! An ex-employee at C.A.S., a high tech construction company, has taken some of their machines and created a powerful suit called the Excavator suit. With it, she has assembled a small army to aid her in robbing banks around the city. Stop her from doing so by using the disruptor to shut down parts of her suit for small amounts of time to get sharp, powerful attacks on her before she gains the ability to move again. Once defeated, bring her to the M.P.D. lockup where every other villain will be placed.
    -Jeremy has assembled an army! To keep them safe, he has security patrolling the city, and personal guarding the rooftops. Take them down to balance the city and keep it safer than it was before. Doing this before defeating Jeremy gets you an extra XP bonus as well.
    -After taking The Gecko down, you discover that a villain from South BrickTopia who your ally, Archer has been chasing, has resurfaced in Monarchia. Jumping around rooftops, dropping explosives on the city. Find him 10 times, each of which, you have to land a snipe with the REC. He'll drop to the ground, and you have to call Archer. You'll get a mini boss battle, and then, he'll retreat, leaving you and Archer to find him again. He will also alert you if he finds him. On the final battle, Jumper will become exhausted, and you can rip out his suit's engine. From there, you can drive Jumper to the M.P.D. Lockup.

    That's all of the side missions so far!
  • The sewer level is pretty much complete! With a disgusting aura using droplets of green/brown water from the ceiling, you'll feel like you're in a living hell!
    Anyway, we've also got cool upgrades!
    Earn XP by kicking ass and being a hero! Sounds fair enough
  • Drawing (11)
    The new ViperTeck Logo is here! Any feedback is welcome!
  • I say that its better! I love the gradient background! (I don't know what it is about gradient, but it makes things much more... Lets just say professional to me.)
  • Thanks! I'm glad to see that people still check my announcements XD
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