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  • Yo for some reason i can't find like any of your games that you've mentioned so far, can you please link them?
  • @browngr It's been awhile! I'm using Classic Productions alt account, Mushroom Productions! I was one of the first few people to comment on this forum thread actually! Good to see your still doing Flowlab, I wanted to Play food fight and Your Fallout game you talked about but the links don't work anymore. Have you published Games to android or Gamejolt or other stuff like that. I have around 4 games on Gamejolt, good to here from you!
  • Oh. FoodWars and Fallout Anarchy are retired games, I had to delete them for new ones, since I'm on the free account.
    BUT. Fallout Anarchy is coming back, and even better than before! I hope you enjoy FALLOUT ANARCHY REMADE!
    Also check out HAKK3R and Call Me Kevin the Game! (HAKK3R) (CMK The Game) (Fallout Anarchy Remade)

    I wish Bethesda still cared about their fans. So now, ViperTeck is taking the series into our own hands. Yes, it's still trademarked, but yes, I am taking my own roll on the series. Enjoy!
  • edited December 2019
    Fallout Anarchy is back! Ever since the OG Fallout Anarchy was deleted, I've always considered bringing it back. But with the crisis at Bethesda, I'm going to have to release my very prototype plans early!
    Which is a bit frightening for me, but you guys will love it.
    And I can't really release many of my plans so far, but here's two of the original concepts for Fallout Anarchy:
    IMG_20191201_105149 (1)
    IMG_20191201_105111 (1)
  • Top one is one of the main villains of the game, along with the Enclave and a special character we'll have to wait for a reveal of later...
    BUT, once you defeat the synth in a battle, you have a large selection of choices that will determine your game's end.
    Once you have him pinned on the ground, you can kill him, spare him and let him come with you, or spare him and make him leave.
    You rip out his power core, and take it with you. The battle with the secret villain is much harder without help, and your chances of dying are much higher. But, if you defeat him, you get the lone wanderer ending, and after the credits, you are thrown back out into the Wasteland, and you get the Lone Wanderer Perk.
    Spare and come with:
    If you let him come with you, your chances against the secret villain are much higher, and you earn a new, really OP companion that you have the option to place as. You get the Robotic Allies perk, which makes all synths passive towards you, and once upgraded, they will fight alongside you. An OP version of the animal friend perk. This is the Trusty Companion Ending.
    Spare and make him leave:
    If you make the Synth leave, you end up getting killed by the secret villain no matter what. You get an ending stating that after you die, the Synth defeats the villain, takes you in, and brings you back. Although you live, you don't get the boss battle, a special perk, or the Synth's trust. You can find him in random places around the wasteland and talk to him, but you can never have him as a companion.
  • What's this? A PIP-BOY?
    Screenshot 2019-12-03 at 9.00.04 PM
  • Fallout Anarchy is coming along well! Improved combat in the works, along with improved dialogue and conversation, adapting with the HTML5 updates, and preparing for ViperTeck's X-15 update!
    Also, if you haven't checked out my other post on this, look no further than here!
    For the X-15 Updates and beyond, I'm going to need the help of other Flowlab users. If you guys fit this description, please, consider joining me!
    (FALLOUT ANARCHY is planned to be the largest map of any game in history. 999999999999 x 999999999999 blocks.)
    (HAKK3R is planned to be one of the most complex games on Flowlab.)
    (Call Me Kevin the Game is planned to be the first game on Flowlab to be popularly featured on a YouTuber's channel.)
    (The HAKK3R Series as a whole is planned to become one of ViperTeck's biggest games)
    The list goes on.
    But you can easily imagine that I wouldn't be able to do this on my own. So, after January 10th, the time is up.
    Until then, you can message me or apply to become an official member of ViperTeck.
    BUT, you must meet the required guidelines:
    1. Accepting that this will not become a paid job, or even a job until our games are complete and put out onto the internet, even then, money might not be rolling in for our hard work.
    2. Dedication. Be prepared to be working on a huge project, for long amounts of time. Building a game isn't easy. GTA 5 took about three years to complete, and they had HUNDREDS of people.
    3. Skill. You must have an understanding of everything in the behaviors menu, and be able to build basic machinery. Now, I'm not asking you to build A.I. and fully constructive dialogue, but a good understanding of how Flowlab works. Plus, I specialize in A.I. and constructive dialogue so I can help if needed.
  • Three Dog is returning to Fallout!

    In a desperate attempt to find better money, Three Dog traveled the wastes for months, until he found himself in beautiful New Vegas. Now, with better money, and better signals, his voice can easily be heard across the wastes!
    (Possible chance of being voiced by the OG actor as well!)
  • Three Dog is returning to Fallout!

    In a desperate attempt to find better money, Three Dog traveled the wastes for months, until he found himself in beautiful New Vegas. Now, with better money, and better signals, his voice can easily be heard across the wastes!
    (Possible chance of being voiced by the OG actor as well!)
  • I think it's about time that we get some better music in ViperTeck games, wouldn't you say?
  • edited December 2019
    We need your help, badly. This is the first time that ViperTeck is recruiting, and we don't intend to stop.
  • Screenshot 2019-12-28 at 10.28.32 PM
    49 sprites in two days, each of which was difficult to make.
    Each is an attempted copy at the real version of themselves in the Fallout series.
    This isn't the full set, but jeez, just this took a lot out of me.
    Any suggestions are welcome.
  • For anyone who wants to get information on the specific details and types of weapons in the game so far, go to the "Weapons and Objects" level in the game:
  • The ViperTeam is a go, and the X-15 Updates are underway! Buckle your seatbelts, everybody. This is going to be one hell of a ride...
    2022 (Hopefully)
  • Screenshot 2019-12-29 at 12.38.42 PM
    Don't know what to wear? Can't say I'm surprised...
  • Fallout Anarchy just passed 400 Sprites! Keep up the great work, @RageDayz, @Mushroom Productions, and @browngr! Oh wait
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, is the Wasteland just a simple game for you? Walking through this hellhole isn't enough? Well, then. We have something for you. The Deathclaw Mother. The predecessor of every other Deathclaw in the game, not just by generation, but also, literally. This sprite will be the base for every Deathclaw in the game.
    Screenshot 2020-01-02 at 10.04.05 PM
  • Did you hate the Glowing Sea in Fallout 4? Littered with enemies, Legendary Glowing Deathclaws, Legendary Radscorpions, Glowing Ones, oh my! Well, I have good or bad news, depending on how you viewed the legend-beheld ground zero for the nuke that destroyed the Commonwealth.
    The Children of Atom have ventured across the wastes, with a friend you thought you'd never come across again. Professor Cromwell. From his time, worshipping the atomic bomb, standing in the water, he had been ghoulified. But not just to any normal ghoul, a Glowing One. He claims to have been gifted the powers from atom, relinquished from his puny human body. And had given himself a new identity, though he doesn't reject his old one. Radson. New leader of the Children of Atom. For years, he had been concentrating his abilities, to begin the Division. And in the storyline, Professor Cromwell, now known as Radson, creates a huge, green atomic explosion in the Eastern Mojave Wasteland. The affect of it created a huge fog, a sea of dangers only thought of your radioactive imagination. And in the epicenter of it all, lie the peaceful town, known as the Division. Depending on if you side with the Children of Atom, you can access its workshop, and build an amazing temple out of the once "humble" town.
  • It's been quite a long time since someone commented.
  • It has! Sadly, it's usually just me here, but we love having feedback on our work, and ideas as well!
  • browngr, you can't have that much feedback if the game is covered and you can't access the rest of the game. Just saying!
  • But I think you should work on games one by one, that way, you'll get it done quicker and you'll have more time to do the other ones, also, so that the game feels more accomplished.
  • But that's not very professional. Plus, you have enough to go on from here.
    Feedback on the full game comes well, when there's a full game.
    And I'd like to point out that if you work on more than one game at a time, then your hard work is split up, and the game feels less accomplished, more buggy, and less finished.
  • So you want it to feel less finished?
  • but its not supposed to be professional
  • @gamerztrio, no. You don't understand: We're only working on one game at a time because we want it to feel professionally finished. If we do more than one at a time, then the work is split up, and therefore, the care put into the game is less. You have it backwards.
    And @Polarbeer2019, who says so?
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