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Logic Gate unaffected by bundle output

Logic gates are not affected by anything coming out of a bundle output. Just figured I'd make a topic, because I have run into logic gates not being affected by other stuff in the past. Anyone else notice anything that seems to not trigger the logic gate, specifically NOR? I believe numbers also won't, but that's fine. However, filters seem to also not affect logic gates, and that may become a problem for some. It seems only some triggers affect logic gates. @grazer


  • I think that Raycast also doesn't work.
  • @PixelPizza I think so as well, because it didn't work through the output, and it counts as a number.
  • Is it possible that you are sending in negative values? To be clear:

    0 or less counts as "off"/"false"
    1 or more counts as "on"/"true"

    Otherwise, a simple example would be pretty helpful if possible, the source of the input shouldn't matter at all.
  • @grazer
    I can make a gif later or an example, but pretty much only buttons and Always affect NOR that I've noticed.
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