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Gravity Behaviors

Ever since I made the "Super Mario Bros: The Best Flowlab Edition," I have been thinking of ways to expand it to a "Super Mario Galaxy" type. So the idea is what if there was a behavior for setting the gravity for only certain objects. The gravity could be set to a certain shape, size, and strength (in case two gravity pulls are touching.) For instance, I set a small planet (which would be a single object) for a circular gravity pull and a 15 strength, then create the Mario. Mario should successfully walk around (yes, I mean round) the planet and because the gravity is low, be able to jump out from the gravity pull. Just saying, it would be a great behavior for Flowlab, and if it ever did come out, you'd be seeing from me "Super Mario Galaxy" for sure! At least... once I'm finished with Super Mario Bros...


  • Help page > Useful examples

    There should be an example about gravity somewhere.
  • edited July 2018
    grazer made that last year, it should definitely be in the help page somewhere.
    Edit: Turns out it was the example image and right at the bottom labeled Super Mario gravity or something like that.
  • Holy cow! I didn't know about this... Thank you Mhx Air and Latif3
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