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Huge updates on FB.IO 2!

This discussion will be used to allow players to view current updates more closely, and to keep track of changes made in the past. Comments about gameplay and further glitches, as always, will be appreciated! Let's jump right in to the good stuff without further ado.

PATCH NOTES (Jul 15 2018):
[these updates will be noticeable for most users who have played the game once.]
-Music credits will no longer be shown in the description, but they can be viewed by clicking on the obvious "credits" button on the menu.
-Various sprites I wasn't proud of in **Story Mode** have been changed. (i.e. the Nuclear Bomb, the Cannon Drone, etc.)
-Various music and sound effects have been replaced, to provide a more in-depth experience.

[these updates may be subtle for novice players.]
-Story mode itself has become a bit easier:
1. The initial damage taken by the missile in the village has been reduced to 2 instead of 3.
2. Most drone spawn rates at level 5 have been slightly reduced, and the boxes will not be destroyed in one hit.
3. An additional flame box has been added while fighting with the 1st Boss [Insectoid].
4. The level which requires you to trigger lightning to see has been adjusted. The lightning will trigger earlier, thus greatly reducing the chance of you wandering into it, but the light provided will last shorter. Many health boxes have also been removed due to this reason.

[Here's the really good stuff]
A new boss has been added: the QuaDrillex. It has been given a cool design, along with awesome music and visuals!
**VISUALS:** The battle against QuaDrillex has features a minor lightning effect and screen shake, along with heavy dubstep (as with any other boss).
**ATTACKS:** Unlike the Insectoid (first boss), this boss has no "random spawn" moves yet. Every one of his attacks are robotic and coordinated.
1. Triple attack: shoots 3 large drills ahead of him. The conditions of avoiding these are quite harsh, but you can hide in the back of the boss.
2. Spikes up: After a short build-up, the player will have a split second to jump before a barrage of spikes cover the whole ground; but jumping too early may get you damaged on your way down.
3. Bomb barrage: a series of bombs will come crashing down, beginning at QuaDrillex's back and slowly making its way to the left. To have a better chance of surviving this barrage, it is recommended to dash to the left as fast as possible.
4. Shadow lasers: Lasers will appear on both sides. If you don't wish to get burned, venture into the middle of the stage.

To test out the new boss level, go to the editor, then to the 2nd last level. Damage will not be dealt while the level is incomplete.
Or, you can go to level 7 in the editor to play the story from the beginning (in case some of you have saved data after beating the first boss)!


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