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How to have my character have multiple weapons that do different damage

I'm making a 2.5 D game and i want my character to have multiple weapons like claws, swords, crossbows, etc. Without making a lot of sprites. I'm young and i'm a visual learner. If someone would please be so kind and make a little game that does that and will not be complicated. Thx in advance!!!


  • Also i forgot 2 mension how 2 make a death count for each mob i kill.
  • You can have a mob send a message to the object that keeps count (usually the player) that causes a number to increase.
  • edited July 2018
    In selection of certain buttons, you can also show different animations to make it appear that the character is doing different actions. Also after the animation, make the character emit specific objects depending on what button the player pressed.
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