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Star Fox 2D Devlog and Discussion

edited July 2018 in Play My Game
Hello everyone! My name is Wesley, and I've decided to start creating games in Flowlab! This forum is going to serve as my devlog and area for anyone to make comments about my game and provide feedback! Anyways, my game is currently very incomplete, so please be aware that you may start playing my game in the middle of me making it, so it may seem more incomplete than it already is, funny enough. It is also worthy to note two other things: one, I am limited to the free version of Flowlab, as I am only 15 years old :P, and two that this is my first game I'm creating. I am also creating this game from scratch, so please feel free to comment on sprites, animation, or anything of the sort. Suggestions are also appreciated! So, here is the current state of the game, and my first devlog post!

The Arwing can move left and right, shoot lasers, and even charge the laser, which explodes on impact of an enemy or object.

There is one enemy for now, and it is called a Warwing. This enemy is my test enemy for now.

There are three pause buttons, I know, but don't worry about that. It might even be fixed before you read this.

The Warwing points at the player and continually fires lasers at the Arwing. At a certain Y value, it stops shooting, turns forward, and slows to a stop. It then becomes unhittable and takes off.

Nothing can be damaged yet. Not the Arwing, and not the Warwing. Charged shots hit for now, but your lasers and the Warwing's lasers don't yet.

You can collect laser upgrades, and they work! None gives you the laser, one gives you twins, and two or more tops you off with hyper lasers. This also translates to the charged shot. Spacebar fires, by the way.

Anyways, this is my first devlog, so please enjoy the game and give me feedback! And remember, this game is still VERY incomplete.




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