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Updates for hardcore partcore pt.1

Summer Updates:
-Added music
-new name "Hardcore partcore"
-Added invortory
-Added timer (60 sec.)
-Added energy (10 sec.)
-Key (unlock iron doors)
-animation to doors after key is been collected
-Add door alarm to tell if door is opened
-Added coin counter
-Added bullets and cannons
-Added credits
-Added spikes
-Added pauses(3 pause only)
-Added enemies
-Banana and Apples heal you
-Banana and Apples can be hit by you and arrows
-enemies can be destoryed by you(on top) and arrows
-Bugs and Gliches fixed
-Added Trick doors
-Added Complete tracker
-Keys can be destoryed so be carful
-Arrows can hit keys watch out!
-Enemies can only be destoryed by arrows
-Under contrustion New game "Hardcore partcore pt.2" coming soon
-Pt.2 hardcore partcore has been finshed on this day 7/21/18
-You can skip eather levels 1,2 or 3 but only once.
-deleted test block for this reason (reason-It resets the players fails by pressing "Y")
-Fixed lags
-Added lost time(From 3-over fails you lose time)
fall updates-
-Levels can be saved
-The buttons are in the game to save and load
-New mode:"Blind mode".
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