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Two issues I can't figure out regarding my game designed for mobile.

Here's the game

Basically you're a fish and you press down to go underwater and let go to shoot back up and through the hoops, everytime you go through a hoop you get a point, but if you hit the sides or the top then you die and your points restart, the game gets increasingly more difficult overtime.

So I want it so the player can't skip hoops, if they skip a hoop then they die, I can't quite figure this out.

I also want it so you're only able to tap and hold in instances of one, so for example right now you're able to spam down to adjust your angle, which I don't want, I just want it so when you tap and hold down it'll go down and you can't press again once you go down until you hit the surface.

If anybody has any idea how to do this that would be amazing, I have a feeling that the skip hoops thing is possible with raycasting, but I'm not sure how.


  • Well, I imagine you want a switch to turn off the ability to click once you release.

    As far as skipping, maybe a timer to prevent them from waiting until it passes? Measure how long it takes for it to get from one side to another.
  • edited July 2018
    @CrimsonBlackGames Ah didn’t even think about the switch.

    As far as the timer goes, it spawns every 2.5 seconds so I’d have to time approximately how long it would take the player to go and jump through, but this wouldn’t be very reliable I’d imagine.

    I mean I’ll tag @grazer because of course he’d know the ins and outs and I feel like this would be pretty complicated but it’s the whole premise of the game.
  • @CrimsonBlackGames Actually I’ve been looking at the way the water physics were setup and I’m not sure where to place a switch at all, I’ve been messing around with whether a click of the mouse turns the already existing switch on or off but that usually just messes up the physics, I also tried to use collisions because I created an invisible “air” object and I thought that’d help me but I still couldn’t figure it out even when I thought that would be a simple fix.
  • edited August 2018
    Been trying different things and I still haven't figured anything out, help appreciated.
  • You’ll get it.. keep goin :)
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