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Making Money off My Game

I'm having a lot of trouble selling my game, and putting adds on it, and just making a developer account for google. I really am not that tech savvy. How can I make money with my game?


  • If it’s polished enough you could put it on Steam or Itch. Ads are very easy and not that complicated. You could even embed the game into a site and put ads on the site. You have this revolution called
  • Lol thanks, I'll do that! Thanks!
  • What specifically are you having trouble with, @Greggo?

    To create ads, you need to sign up with AdMob here:

    Once you create the ads there, you just ad the ids into your ad behavior block to show your ads.
  • edited August 2018
    I'm trying to get my game onto sites like steam, and the google play store. For me, game design is a dream I'm trying to pursue, and to make money off my game could help me get started in a career. I'm using Flowlab to get my feet wet.

    I'm really having trouble just processing the steps I need to take to get my game to the public, but I just need some time to understand what I'm getting into and how everything works, that's all. Thank you a lot, @grazer for your help.
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