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Ok, I'm back - with a new feature preview: Online Multiplayer



  • @grazer Two windows, not two tabs.
  • I just deployed an update that fixes a problem with player positions becoming de-synchronized between clients.
  • Hey @CrimsonBlackGames - do you have this editor problem even with the new networking disabled (max players set to 1)?
  • Positions are more synced, besides the drag lag when they touch a wall or something and spazz out. I was noticing that occasionally a player won't spawn for the other one. I'm assuming players are just set to random and that isn't dictated in this example, but sometimes they show up as the correct character on both screens. Not sure if intended or bug.

  • Yeah, I saw this missing spawned player issue a couple of times when I was testing, I'm going to check that out next.

    The players are just randomized - there is no attempt to make them the same across clients.
  • edited August 2018
    I'm late to the party, but this is a very nice update! :D

    @CrimsonBlackGames You can already give players an unique id when they join your game by increasing the value of a Shared block and then assigning it to a player.

    Even though I can't even make use of this, I have some suggestions:
    @grazer I don't like the way it connects. We should be able to do it ourselves like CBG said, a connect block would be a good idea. It outputs when the client is connected so we can make custom loading screens.

    I was also thinking about the ability to create new instances yourself, what about having 3 options in the Connect behavior:
    * Create or join instance with id (this will read the input value as id, this is for more 'private' games with friends)
    * Join existing instance or create new one (default, will ignore instances with ids)
    * Always create new instance

    We should also have a Disconnect block and Disconnected block which triggers when someone loses connection with the server in any way (reloads page, closes browser, lost internet connection etc.).

    Also, why don't we have an option in mailbox to send it to everyone or only to yourself?
  • @grazer unfortunately, yes. I tried to open SB2. Couldn’t
  • @grazer the same happens to chromebook except I’ve narrowed it down to the fact that flash isn’t automatically starting up.
  • @CrimsonBlackGames - if you can see the editor, then Flash is running. Otherwise you just get a white screen that says "Requires Flash".
  • Yeah apparently the editor wasn’t actually there, I just couldn’t click anything
  • can you post a screenshot?
  • @grazer it’s definitely flash not starting
  • Can’t right now, at school using a chromebook. Had a tiny bit of free time.
  • edited August 2018
    @grazer Do you read messages or is your inbox here flooded? I sent you a PM about a ton of FlowLab bugs I found that could be related to multiplayer or maybe I just happened to discover them after the update came out. I didn’t actually account if you had a clean inbox or not. But FlowLab is becoming increasingly more difficult to use with these bugs, I don’t know why I’m the only one experiencing this. I didn’t want to bother you with this but at this point it’s hard to do anything and I don’t know if it’s something I’m doing wrong or if it’s FlowLab.
  • Yo Grazer i think I need you to check some logic for me.

    In the main menu, choose “change gamemode” and go to multiplayer.

    That screen should assign you a color based off of how many players there are. Then sends you to the lobby. Colors are then displayed to tell the difference between players.

    However colors are not displayed correctly.

    Can you go through my logic and sort this out? I’m not sure I’ve completely learned the new behaviors
  • edited August 2018
    Yo @grazer, will puffin be able to use flowlab again? I’m stuck in purgatory, and have no mediums to work on.
  • edited August 2018
    Hey, sorry @CrimsonBlackGames - I downloaded the Puffin browser, and I can reproduce the issue. It looks like maybe some sort of Javascript problem, but I have no idea how to view JS errors in this thing. Once I figure that out I can get it fixed. It may require me making a special build or something .

    @PixelStudios - I responded to your direct message.
  • @grazer I've responded
  • Holy Cow! I didn't even notice this post until I just went browsing through behaviors, this IS amazing!
  • Destroyed player objects still show
  • My post has been ignored completely :(
  • Would this be a good idea to use to make a .io game perhaps?
  • Oh and @grazer we don’t need to worry about the game I was working on. I have an idea I want to do with multiplayer so we’ll put the other thing on hold.

    Keep focusing on multiplayer and make it as stable and available as possible.
  • Also instead of “player check” it should be “client check”
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