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Ok, I'm back - with a new feature preview: Online Multiplayer



  • Nah, there's just no good name for it.
  • Well, it checks if it’s on the client of the person controlling it, does it not? It would be the best name in this situation
  • @grazer I've emailed you errors.
  • I agree with CrimsonBlackGames
  • edited August 2018
    Hey @Latif3 - I wasn't ignoring your post :) I'll answer your points one by one:
    I don't like the way it connects. We should be able to do it ourselves like CBG said, a connect block would be a good idea. It outputs when the client is connected so we can make custom loading screens
    Can't you accomplish this right now? When the connected count is 1, then you're the only player, so you can show a loading/waiting screen. Once the connection count reaches some minimum number, you can resume the game. Does that work?
    I was also thinking about the ability to create new instances yourself, what about having 3 options in the Connect behavior:
    * Create or join instance with id (this will read the input value as id, this is for more 'private' games with friends)
    * Join existing instance or create new one (default, will ignore instances with ids)
    * Always create new instance
    I'm not sure I understand why "always create new instance" would be useful. If the client always created a new instance, wouldn't it be basically a single player game?
    We should also have a Disconnect block and Disconnected block which triggers when someone loses connection with the server in any way (reloads page, closes browser, lost internet connection etc.).
    The player count updates (increments or decrements) when someone joins or leaves. You should be able to detect changes using that. Is there a use that I'm not understanding?
    Also, why don't we have an option in mailbox to send it to everyone or only to yourself?
    I'll think about this one a bit. The shared block is basically a "remote message" block, so I think you could accomplish this by adding a Player Check block in front of the Shared Block's input.
  • edited August 2018
    Player count doesn’t entirely work @grazer. Pixelstudios has come to the conclusion that only the host can see it.
  • @grazer Thanks for responding :)

    Didn't know connect count is 0 first, but the loading screen idea was for the Connect block idea :tongue:

    About always creating new instances, you have to use it together with the 'create/join instance' option. It will try to find a spot in an existing instance so it isn't just always singleplayer.

    About the disconnected block, using the player count for that is a good idea. Requires some more logic though.

    One last thing, everyone is able to make temporary edits to games. This could be abused in multiplayer games because every client can be different. Have you already thought about this and disabled editing?
  • Bruh, opening the editor disconnects you.
  • So if the editor is opened you have to refresh to connect again?

  • omg finally, I can't wait to get started
  • Yo @grazer how about a “change games” behavior.

    It connects you to a different room, or makes you host a new one
  • Hey @CrimsonBlackGames - I don't understand what you mean. Are you asking for something like @Latif3 suggested, where you manually select what instance to join?
  • Search by IP may be useful, so you aren't randomly connected to someone you don't want to play with.
  • The reason why a Connect behavior block is really needed is because you don't always want multiplayer in every level. For example, in my 1v1 there's a character select screen, and if I'm ever going to purchase an indie account I want it to make a match when you've selected your character.
  • Can't players objects have a camera each one?
    or I have to make the camera a different object (and multiplayer: none) in order to work?
  • Hey @PixelPizza - I wasn't quite ready for the next release, but I deployed an update just now that fixes the multiplayer cameras. Now you should be able to just stick a camera in the player objects, and they'll work.
  • @grazer make that only available for auto scroll

    I’d be like to manually controll everyone’s camera in certain situations, especially since you can already use playercheck to manually have an individual camera for each one.
  • Wait, are the cameras untethered now? Then we could have a big exploration map and the players can split up.

    @PixelPizza was working on a multiplayer dungeon game, but it felt too crowded on the screen.
  • edited August 2018
    @Mhx Aîr Wait players didn’t get their own cameras before? I’ve been working on a huge map. How do I setup multiple cameras now?

    Edit: Oh, I was working on a dungeon game too. Darn.
  • @CrimsonBlackGames What about making a shared object with a camera inside it? :)
  • edited August 2018
    That’s a way to do it and all, but I like the idea of having multiple ways of doing things, also that could work but that would be very annoying to work with, especially for me
  • The plot that I am creating for the dungeon game is sooooo coool.
    Everything it's still on the "concept art step" but I'm loving it.

    " Having an Indie account and not making a multiplayer game is like having superpowers and not becoming a superhero. "
    - Me, myself 2k18

    @PixelStudios c'mon man similar names and now similar games. This is going too far. ahahah jk
  • @grazer Why does this keep happening?


    Why is it so buggy :(
  • @Latif3 Already emailed him about this, he's well aware of this.

    @PixelPizza ikr
  • Also another bug, shortcuts aren't working anymore. I can't toggle debug mode anymore or use import to paste behaviors. :(
  • Hey @Latif3 - debug mode is working ok for me, is there something special I need to do to make it quit working? Also, thanks for signing up :)

    As for the synchronization bugs, there are quite a few, and I'm working on them.

    I probably didn't do a good enough job of stressing that this past release is a preview version and not yet 100% complete. I was just super excited to let everyone start playing with it, and didn't want to wait until it was fully stable before making it available. Also I thought it would be good to start getting feedback as early as possible.
  • edited August 2018
    @grazer I’m still stuck in purgatory else I’d probably come up with some more suggestions, but here’s a long list anyway.

    So far with what I’ve seen and suggest:

    -Rename “player check” to “client check.” It’s a lot more self-explanatory, as it’s checking if it’s on the players client or someone else’s.
    -adding a start/stop multiplayer behavior.
    -Player Count needs to output the amount immediately at the beginning of a level, or atleast allow it to be triggered via input
    -fixing attached player objects being unable to trigger with keyboard/mouse.
    -adding a behavior called “multiplayer check”: it triggers manually, outputs 0 when disconnected, 1 when connected.
    -An Input slot for shared numbers that only reads the number, and doesn’t send another one.
    -A behavior that generates a string of numbers for a game ID, then outputs it.
    -A behavior that creates an alert with two buttons, and a text box. You can enter the number string mentioned above to join a particular game. One button cancels, the other joins a game.
    This window won’t let clicks bleed through, is preferably able to be textured rather than a single color, can stretched to be any size and moved if needed.
    -the uploading of custom fonts.
    -IOSX (Mac) exportation.
    -it also seems for my SB3 game, if 3 players join, the P2 gets another copy of their ship which is only visible to P1, and P1 gets one only P2 can see, both of which are completely functional and act as if the player is controlling them

    So I am curious, does a shared number within a player object go for EVERYONE who’s using that same object, or does it only work across games in what that player is controlling.
  • edited August 2018
    I just deployed a bugfix update:
    • Fixes "missing player" issue as shown in screenshot @Latif3 posted above
    • Fixes issue where the same logged in user cannot join twice without using incognito/private window
    • Added a "network debug" mode to help track down network issues (control+n). This shows a network communication graph for each remote peer. Red lines are incoming events, green lines are the events being handled, and gray ones are incoming sync updates.
  • Finally! :)
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