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Ok, I'm back - with a new feature preview: Online Multiplayer



  • edited August 2018
    No problem @grazer :D Thanks for the update though

    About the shortcut thing, I found out it's only not working in firefox (latest version 61.0.2 on windows 10) which is the browser I'm always using. When using chrome everything works fine. You don't need to do anything to make it quit working, it's just always disabled.

    Also a question, how can I emit objects which can be seen by everyone? Making the emitted object 'shared' or 'player' doesn't do anything.
    nevermind it suddenly works
  • edited August 2018
    @grazer Also another thing, I want the bars above players move perfectly above them with no delay.

    How can I do that?
  • @Latif3 Also emailed him about this, everything is wobbling.
  • @Latif3 - can you just make the bars attachments?
  • edited August 2018
    @grazer Attachments aren't even working, they don't show up for other people. I guess it's a bug.
    The bug just fixed itself??!

    By the way, the bars are health bars so I need a way to send messages to them to change the value, every player needs to send a message to their own attached health bar. If this is not possible, could you add an option in the message behavior which sends a message to all attached objects? This would make the attach behavior extremely useful for me.

    Last thing, I don't want the attached bar to flip when the player flips. An option to turn this off would be awesome.
  • @grazer Aw what multiplayer doesn't even work on the embed version of games?
  • Hey, embed mode is fixed - I didn't realize that was broken.
  • edited August 2018
    Puffin was able to do embed before you fixed that. Could that mean anything?
  • Yeah, it means that Puffin is failing on the new multiplayer javascript.
  • Strange.

    If only there was a workaround for this
  • @grazer Sure you’re busy on fixing things, but is it possible to add a vibrate behavior for mobile?
  • @CrimsonBlackGames - I'm looking for a workaround, but unfortunately Puffin doesn't seem to display any JS errors, and doesn't have a developer console AFAICT. There also isn't much that I can find on the web about javascript debugging in Puffin. This is making solving the issue in puffin much trickier than it would otherwise be.
  • OK @CrimsonBlackGames - here's what I did:

    I added a check for the puffin browser on the site, and in that case the multiplayer code is disabled. Now you should be able to use Puffin again (I tested it a little and it seems to be working OK).

    Of course, multiplayer isn't going to work in Puffin.

  • Fine by me.

    Yo, btw, can you answer that question I had about shared blocks.
  • edited August 2018
    @grazer Oh I hope that Puffin check really doesn’t mess with other browsers, haven’t looked around yet.

    Edit: There’s over 100 comments on this post. GG.
  • I found a Physics bug... not in multiplayer but I don't feel like it needs a whole new discussion
  • edited August 2018
    @grazer The shortcut bug sometimes happens in firefox, I really don't know how to reproduce it but it never happened before. Anyway, I just listed my problems I currently have with my game:

    * I don't want the attached object to flip with the attaching object, is there a way to disable this?
    * I want every player be able to send messages to their own bar, so an option in the message block to send a message to all attached objects would be awesome.
    * Attached objects don't disappear when someone leaves.
    * Player check doesn't send an output in attached objects? The attached object is a 'multiplayer: player' object
    * I made on-screen buttons so I can export my game to android. But there's an annoying problem with it, the 'out' output in mouseclick triggers when triggering 'over' in another object with another finger, while I'm still holding my fingers on the two objects. Can you make it so multiple fingers can trigger 'over' without triggering 'out' like with the 'down' and 'up' outputs?

    @PixelPizza It's not really a physics bug because the physics are working fine. It's just the sprite that doesn't rotate with the collider. Have you tried refreshing your game?
  • Was the absence of the favorites count in the games themselves intended?
  • @grazer Can you respond to my last post above? I'm waiting days to continue working on my game.

    Also a small question, when do you expect to enable online multiplayer in exported games because I want to export my game to android.
  • @Latif3 He can't whip out an update in 12 hours, chillax.
  • edited August 2018
    I just want him to respond lmao. I wish he works full-time at flowlab so he can always answer our questions.

    I want my money to be worth it :tongue:
  • edited August 2018
    @Latif3 As if your money wasn’t already worth it? Nothing can beat the usability of FlowLab. :D
  • @grazer Nice timing I can create games in school because I got a class that my teach allows us to use Im going to be making a space adventure IV because when updates like this and how i'm learning how to make games faster with less behaviers. Also how about making a video on your youtube channel about the new multiplayer system?
  • Hey @Latif3 - I saw your requests :)

    So there has been an avalanche of bugs reports and feature requests in this thread, which is good - but it's difficult to track in a forum thread. I've made a Trello board where I stuck every report and request that I've seen:

    This way you can see exactly what I'm working on (you don't have to wonder), and you can also make sure that I've seen your request or report.
  • Possibility to key bind the "Esc" key, "Middle" and "Right" mouse button.
    Camera Zoom out.
    Fullscreen mode in exported.
  • Oh that's a good idea, thanks for still being alive :D
  • @Latif3 Are you considering making graveyard online
  • @Classic Productions Not sure how that would work? It's supposed to be a singleplayer arcade game.
  • @Latif3 Maybe have 2 people defeat the skeletons and the skeletons spawn 2x faster or have it not online and just have 1 screen with 2 people have diffrent controls
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