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a gun that you can use after picking iit up

does any one know how to make a gun item that i can pick up
its fine if its hard to do


  • Have a gun item object on the ground.

    If the player collides with it:

    {Behavior in the gun}
    Collision (player)-out ----- in-Destroyer

    Then, you have two options:
    -Make an attachment "gun" that sticks onto the player and allows you to shoot by pressing a button;
    -Make an animation of the player holding a gun, and turn on the switch to allow the player to shoot by pressing a button

    {Player behavior for option 2}
    Collision (gun)-out ----- start-Animation(Name of animation holding gun), loop animation-play ----- on-Switch ----- emit(bullet)

    Keyboard (Space, or any button you want)-out ----- in-Same switch
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