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New update: A few small bug fixes

edited October 2018 in Announcements
* Spawning multiplayer Player objects with a Spawn block behaves correctly (was spawning multiple uncontrollable objects remotely)
* Attachments no longer Flip with attaching object when "Match Rotation" is unchecked
* User interface objects larger than one block were being shown offset when initially placed


  • edited September 2018
    Nice! Thank you!

    Got a notification from the Trello board. :grin:

    EDIT: By the way, I remember I've asked this question before but I think you missed it, will online multiplayer ever be enabled for exported games?
  • So I do plan to get it working on exported games, but I wanted to use this initial period to try and work out some of the problems, and make sure that the overall design is going to work before I tackle all the native platforms.

    This method also means the design is more flexible. Fixing major problems is a lot more hassle when I have all the different exported platforms to manage.

  • Oh that's good to know. Thanks.
  • @grazer emitted player objects do not work when it comes to keyboard/mouse triggers either
  • @23gz4932 - this is the second discussion that I've had to delete, and it seems like you're the common thread. Everyone here tries to be friendly and welcoming, please don't take advantage of that by trolling. - Next time is a ban :/
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